Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Summer Youth Camp

Too bad, i missed the Youth Summer Camp this year. I've been actively participating in yearly retreat of our church. I am Catholic but i also attend Christian worship and in fact, i served as a Youth Ministry leader for 3 consecutive years in our church. Anyway, Youth Summer Camp is probably one of the most exciting activities that we have in our Ministry. Again, that's a retreat so we will go to a place where we can have a solemn moment with God and it gives us an opportunity to know each Youth Members of our Ministry too. Just like those typical Summer camp, we will have some fun activities, games, camping and more. We will stay on that venue for 3 days and 3 nights and within that period of time, we are not allowed to use our gadgets like Cellphones, PSP, Laptop and more. You will definitely have a solemn time to pray , to confess and to wash all your sins. We will be guided by our pastors.
Okay, I'm not that super religious guy but I just love taking the responsibility and being a part of the said group. It helped me a lot in so many ways. It gives me an opportunity to meet different people and learn something from them. The Summer Camp that i attended last 2007 is probably the most remarkable one because they invited Brother Joel to preach for us. He then introduced us to his friend who shared a very heart wrenching story about his friend's past. (you can check my post here). I dare not to mention his name to respect his privacy of course. He told us how miserable his life was. He was an addict and he used to drown himself in alcohol almost everyday. I'm not sure how many Drug Treatment Programs he had before pulling himself up from that nightmare but with the help of those doctors and with the continuous support of his family and friend, he was able to recover from his addiction. And after completing his Drug Treatment, he decided to correct all his mistakes and take the right path. He is now preaching, traveling from one place to another just to share his experiences and to inspire others.
I remember, i have watched a video before ( I just can't find it in Youtube), it was a recorded preaching (as far as i remember the name of their group is HOPE). I can never forget this video because it was very inspiring and I really learned a lot from it. There was this portion where the group of Youth portray those celebrities who died because of accidents, those who commit suicide and those who became addicted to drugs and alcohol. These celebrities include Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Aaliyah, and more. They even compared Drugs to pythons. Just like python, these drugs will grasp you and will wrap around you until you can’t escape. It will kill you slowly until your last breath. And before you knew it, it's too laate already. Late in a point that no other Drug Treatment Centers can cure you.
Well those are few of the most exciting events that you can encounter once you are in our Summer Camp. Yikes! How come i missed it this year? Sobs!
How about you guys? Have you ever attended a Summer Camp before? Feel free to share your experiences with us.
Happy Blogging Everyone. Will have another top five post in my next entry. yay!


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