Saturday, December 24, 2011


Surprised? Haha Anyway, your eyes are not deceiving you guys. This blogger is actually my IBOTM Awardee for November but due to some reasons I failed to feature him that month. You know what makes him extra special? He is actually my colleague and it my first time to work with a real blogger so let me introduce John_Blogger and his blog , You Can Call Me John. (though his blog is not that updated yet because, as you all know, we share the same working schedule hehehe)John_blogger of You Can Call me John

Blog Title

You can call me John

Blog Author


Blog Category


What Is Your Blog All About?

About how I deal in everyday life

When And How did you start Blogging?

This year, last November to be exact

Blogs I Like (Characteristics)

I like blogs that share experiences especially in tech.

Blogs I Dislike (Characteristics)

blogs with nonsense stuff and unethical

What Motivates you to Blog?

to share my experiences to everyone and to learn from everyone as I share something.

Who Are your Target Readers?

Everyone who share the same passion

What is Your Most Favorite post and Why?

My first post on tech. It's kinda memorable to me 'cause that my first tech blog

Things We Should Expect from your Blog these succeeding months


Tips For Our Readers About Blogging I'm a noob blogger so I cant give tips at the moment...hehe

Thank you so much John_blogger
for allowing me to feature your very interesting blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

Follow John_blogger at You Can Call me John
Watch out for my next month IBOTM Awardee.
Once again, this is Bluedreamer and John_blogger
, Breaking the Boundaries!

Note: I'm going to feature another amazing blogger for IBOTM December tomorrow.

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