Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Need No Charms

My life is at peace right now if that's the best word to describe it. Everything in my life is working pretty fine and I am really grateful for all these wonderful blessings. I find myself in peace indeed and I found it with God's embrace. It is really nice to be close with Him and I think this is something that I should have done before. I am not a good man and I am a sinful one I must admit but despite of all that horrible things i've done in the past, God is still giving me a chance to change and that is something I never realized before because i drown myself in fears, anger, and hatred. I treated my life as a misery but never get a chance to pray and ask for His help. I am so grateful that I went through a dramatic change and I feel myself much closer with Him now. Praying everyday with my whole family is such an overwhelming experience. He show me the real meaning of True Happiness. It is not about achieving the things that we used to cherish but how we embrace His blessings no matter how small and simple it would be. The more i get close to Him, the more i realized how sinful I am. I become to realize all those things that I've done that is against His will. 

I also want to share these scapulars that are given to me by my aunties. The gold cross is given to me by my Auntie while the Black Nazarene is from my cousin. I used to wear them everyday and I don't need any charms indeed because I know for the fact that I am protected. Protected not because I am wearing this scapulars but because I know God is watching over me and is always guiding me. 
So before I end this post, allow me to share this wonderful and inspiring song from Martina Mcbride to start your day. 

God has plans for us even though our life seems to be in great misery, always keep your faith strong and embrace the life that God has given you. 
Have a blessed morning guys!

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