Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mustache In, Mustache Out!

I can't think of  any post today so I came up with this one LOL. I am not the type of guy who care much about fashion. In fact, I wouldn't mind wearing the same set of clothes actually. I think the last time I bought a shirt or a pair of shoes for myself was early last year and that's because i was forced to. >_<. Simply because I don't need them that much. I seldom go outside and never had a great chance to hang out with friends either. But anyway, I am not going to emphasize much about my senseless fashion style, instead, lemme share you my experience about my lifetime enemy..... the razor...
Shaving is something I am never really good at (as if is it being done in a daily basis)... It's always a bloody battle indeed. I don't know if I am shaving my mustache too fast or too hard but I always end up with some wounds and a burning pain sensation afterwards. Not a big fan of shaving cream. I tried it once but I don't think it helped me at all. 
Kinda weird but sometimes I feel like growing a mustache is a great idea but sometimes I just want to get rid every single strands of it hehe. 
Having a mustache for me will somehow increase your manhood and I feel like I am really a grown up man. My mom used to praise me when i got one but my siblings don't. Ironically, even though I want to be addressed as a grown up guy, whenever someone approaches me and tell me that I look much older, that's where the bloody battle between me and my razor comes in haha. 
So that's me with a mustache and little beard
I just had a hair cut (a military one if you address it that way) and now just shaved my mustache...(farewell my friend..)
The bloody battle ends and it burns like hell...
This is actually the style I am looking forward to. No mustache but with a beard (not the goaty one). 
Okay... I am not as photogenic as my brother "Mecoy" and I don't know how to project well in front of my camera but lemme give my best shot....
Is this pleasing enough???
Happy blogging guys!

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