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Have you seen the latest Iron Man film? Iron Man armors are probably one of the most emphasized parts of the latest film. Interestingly, Iron Man made his very first appearance in the comic books on March 1963 so basically, the character is 50 years old already and it is really fascinating to see how this fictional character is being embraced by fans from the highly acclaimed Avengers comic series, to video games and now, through these highly budgeted films. Iron Man possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons.The weapons systems of the suit have changed over the years, but Iron Man's standard offensive weapons have always been the repulsor rays that are fired from the palms of his gauntlets. Each armor has their own specialty and functionality and allow me to list down five of the coolest Iron Man armor that has ever been made. 

Author's Note : This entry is listed subjectively. 


Skill wise and Strength wise, Mark I is really nothing compare to Tony Stark's latest creations but hey, do not underestimate the reputation of this armor. Mark I is the very first Iron Man suit ever built. Remember in Iron Man 1 when Tony Stark was attacked and captured by the Ten Rings? While being held captive, Tony was forced to build a weapon of mass destruction for them, the Jericho Missile. With the help of Yinsen, Tony built this armor instead and used it to escape. The Mark I is powered by the first miniaturized version of the arc reactor, it grants its user extended durability and limited protection against firepower. The MK I's main weaponry is composed of missiles and a flame thrower, and also gives the user augmented strength. Using the repulsor technology generated by the arc reactor, the suit can fly for a limited period of time. The fact that this armor is made out of scraps is good enough reason to include Mark I in our top 5 list.

The big armor that we have seen in the Iron Man 3 film is not the Hulkbuster but the "Igor" (MARK XXXVIII). Igor wasn't designed for battle, but for heavy lifting, being able to handle heavy objects but can be used for heavy melee combat. Hulkbuster on the other hand, as what the term suggests, the armor was exclusively made to fight against the unstoppable Hulk. The Hulkbuster Armor is the ultimate module, an exo-suit that allows Iron Man to go a few rounds with the Hulk by wrapping around the Modular Armor itself. Although used just once, this module past the test, allowing Iron Man to trade blows with the Hulk, fighting to a standstill. It is also the biggest Stark armor top date. Rockets are used to boost the armor's punches. An injector was loaded with anti-gamma radiation nanites; however these had been tampered with and were ineffective in battle. 

Mark VII is the armor that Stark used in Marvel's The Avengers film. This armor is powered by a miniaturized arc reactor, like every previous Iron Man armor. Apparently carrying all the capabilities of the MK VI, the MK VII also has one distinguishing feature that sets it apart: A self-propelled rocket pod form that seeks out the wearer of a matched pair of bracelets, then opens and reforms around the person as a fully functional Iron Man suit. The shoulders of the MK VII are capable of launching mini air-to-air rockets with apparant homing capabilities.The legs of the MK VII now store several missles and it also shows additional thrusters both on the back and the front, hidden under plating. This presumably allows the Mark VII to reach greater speeds and frees the hand repulsors to be used more frequently and effectively during combat. 


Mark XLII is the one that we've seen in the latest Iron Man movie. The Mark XLII is comprised of separate pieces that can fly to a designated humanoid target and form a suit around such a body. It is controlled from state-of-art chips implanted in Stark's left forearm, allowing him to mentally direct the pieces. Stark commonly uses hand gestures to help guide the modules, although the fully formed suit has also been commanded by Stark's subconscious during REM sleep. When the pieces latch onto a target body the solid plates extend articulated pieces that reach out to latch with the adjoining component piece, for example a rerebrace and gauntlet will jointly create the elbow connection between them. This gives the Iron Man Mark XLII a level of adaptability previously not seen in an Iron Man suit, and could form around a slim female form with no loss of articulation. 

If Tony Stark implanted chips in his arm to control the MK XLII, Stark uses his very own body for the development of Extermis. The skin and his brain is now a part of his suit. This armor used vectored repulsor fields to tessellate its 'memory metal' design. The armor formed over a gold under-sheath produced by Stark's own body. The under-sheath's regenerative systems could repair damage to wearer or armor. Due to Extremis, Stark's mind could now directly access satellite networks, security systems, and other digital technologies. The armor could be piloted remotely, even simultaneously with several other models in the field. Plus he had the ability to transmit whatever he saw (from his visual cortex) to other people’s display screens. The computer’s cybernetic link enables him to operate all of the armor’s functions, as well as providing a remote link to other computers (as Stark is now part of the armor this connection is seamless). The armor’s system was connected to the global mainframe via StarkTech servers. Stark could fly/control the armor even when not in it. Because the armor was wired directly to his brain, he controlled it by thought like it was another limb. It was part of him. In fact, he could control whole groups of his armors effortlessly. He even had a team deployed as Earth’s space defense.Extremis blended with the armor to give Stark enormous physical power as well, resulting in the strongest armor to date. Iron Man could lift up to 100 tons. His punch was as strong as a solid steel ball traveling at 3,500 ft./sec. And the armor’s boot jets could propel him at speeds up to Mach 8.7.  
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