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After featuring the popular giant monsters in movies (see TOP FIVE MOST POPULAR GIANT MONSTERS IN MOVIES ), we are going to focus more on Godzilla and his notable foes. Godzilla himself is considered as a villain at some point considering that he is a major threat for humans. However, Godzilla is not the only living Kaiju in his universe and ever since the character was created way back in 1954, several monsters have appeared either to destroy him or to team up with him for some reason. Listed below are five of my personal favorite kaijus (giant monsters) who fought up against our iconic giant.

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Author's Note : This entry is listed subjectively. I based it on my own opinion. Godzilla have fought several monsters ever since the character was created but the list below are based on those films and videos that I have watched personally. Hope you enjoy it. 

I first saw Rodan in the 2004 all star kaiju movie where he is being used as a weapon for destruction. Rodan is basically depicted as a giant pteranodon. Interestingly, before he became a villian in this twenty-eighth installment Rodan was first introduced as Godzilla's greatest battle companion. The monster was first introduced in a 1956 film entitled Rodan. In 1964 film "Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monsters" , Rodan helped Godzilla and Mothra to defeat the King Ghidorah.  Despite of this, Rodan is still considered as a dangerous monsters who wreck havoc to the planet. As far as the Rodan's abilities are concerned, Rodan has the ability to play and possesses an impressive speed and agility. He can also use powerful winds by flapping his wings, emits a radioactive heat beams and more. 


Biollante is a female monster who first appeared in Godzilla Vs Biollante in 1989. She is actually depicted as a rose monster who came to existence as a result of an experiment (they fused Godzilla's DNA with a rose which mutated into a gigantic and powerful monster. I personally see her as one of the coolest villains of Godzilla and she also have the greatest backstory compare to other kaijus. Biollante, in her rose form, can constrict and grapple with an enemy with her many tendrils and mouthed vines, each of which are capable of spitting a highly corrosive sap that can blind an opponent. Biollante has two forms and the second one is by far the strongest. She also sports extremely enhanced regeneration capabilities. Unfortunately, unlike other monsters, Biollante never appeared in any films other than this one.

I believed that the name of this monster is clear enough to classify where she came from. Mothra is one of the most notable kaijus in Godzilla universe who appeared in every Godzilla era. Mothra is first introduced in a self titled film in 1961. Just like a typical moth, Mothra has appeared in various forms pertaining to a moth's life cycle. Mothra has proven a formidable adversary in combat: in larval form she may use her silken spray to wrap and immobilize an opponent. In addition to that, Mothra is considered as one of the most powerful psychics monster too. Mothra has become one of Godzilla's most challenging opponents, having achieved the greatest success rate in battle. She has once overcome Godzilla in imago form, and twice Godzilla has fought her to her death only later to be bested by her newborn larvae. 

A robot made to fight Godzilla! Generally, there are three MechaGodzilla made in the history of Toho Universe including the MechaGodzilla 1, Mechagodzilla 2 and Kiryu (MechaGodzilla 3). Among the three , Kiryu is considerably sleeker than other versions of MechaGodzilla and bears a closer resemblance to Godzilla than the previous versions. Kiryu is a well balanced machine and the most agile MechaGodzilla to date, moving with a fluid, almost organic grace. Its armament includes oral maser cannons, dual laser cannons on each arm, and a flight pack that contains two forward firing rocket launchers and four batteries along its back and sides for launching guided missiles.Kiryu's most devastating weapon is the Absolute Zero Cannon, (a weapon also utilized by the Gotengo.) Stored in its chest behind a trio of folding panels, the Absolute Zero Cannon fires a ball of energy that flash freezes its target, thereby causing it to disintegrate under the weight of its own mass. 


Ghidorah is dubbed as the most powerful monster in Godzilla franchise. He is often considered Godzilla's archenemy. Usually, King Ghidorah is so destructive and powerful, that Godzilla is often required to team-up with another monster, even several monsters, before engaging the three-headed dragon of terror and destruction in battle. Ghidorah is also one of the monsters that are most often mind controlled; it acts completely autonomously in three movies, in other appearances being controlled for most of its screen time by aliens. King Ghidorah can fly at great speed, can fire gravity beams, create hurricans, generate magnetic fields and more. He is a powerful monster indeed and also my personal favorite ^_^

Other powerful monsters include Hedorah (image above), Anguirus, Gigan, Destoroyah, and Battra.

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