Friday, January 11, 2008

my article number 3

illegal drugs are pythons to human lives
last december i just went in a retreat of my bible study group in Tagaytay(a place from Philippines)
there was a portion there that we are about to make a poem intead of making an oral discussion
the poem must express our hidden feelings
and one of my group member's work took our attention and touches our heart
i will not publish his name for his privacy of course....
before anythining else a pythons killed his victims by a strong grip where in you can never escape........
just like illegal drugs........................
"i enter my room
and look around
i was so shocked
seeing the blood pouring on the ground"
"i saw a man
lying on his bed
isaw him with a bullet
shot on his head"
"the guy seems to be sad
wonder how big
the problem he had"
he's holding the gun nearby his head
he was....he was..
already DEAD!!!!
I stared at him
and was surprised
i walk away and cried
i cant believe
in what i see
that the guy in my room
WAS ME!!!!
see how this poem filled with emotion
we cried after he confess that he was a victim
of illegal drugs
he always want to escape with that devil deeds but he just cant
it seems that he was gripped by a big pythons and try to kill him until his last deep breath
this person was been rehab and joining a bible study group was he's way of how to recover himself from that dark past
let us pray for his complete recovery my friend
and may God bless you all

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