Tuesday, January 22, 2008


move...move... "SENA KOBAYAKAWA" is here from Eyeshield21Sena's first game was against the Koigahama Cupids, which almost ended in disaster when he accidentally handed out turf cleats to Ishimaru the running back, causing him to slip and twist his ankle. However, this led to Sena's debut as Eyeshield 21, in which he was able to display his incredible speed. His second game was against the Ojo White Knights, where he met his rival Shin and the Spear Tackle for the first time. Though the Devil Bats lost badly, the experience proved to be a major turning point for both Sena and Shin. Sena became driven to turn the lies about Eyeshield 21 into truths, and Shin was humbled when he realized that no matter how strong he became, his Spear Tackle would be useless if he couldn't catch someone moving at the Speed of Light pace. The two later made a promise to see each other at the final game.

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