Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Benefits of Ethical Hacking and be a Certified Hacker

I’m working as a technical support associate in a call center industry. My job is to help my customers in their Internet connection problems which include problems with their modem and router, suddenly lost of internet connection, problems with their web emails and email clients, and some software applications too. It is also my responsibility to solve other computer software issues like Anti-virus, Spywares, and those customers who are victimized by rogue software or computer software that misleads the user into paying for a fake Malware. This kind of software, in recent years, has become a growing and serious security threat not just to your computer but also to some of your personal accounts. Frequently, most of my customers are complaining about their accounts with Friendster, Facebook, and other social networking websites. According to them, their account was been hacked. I wish I could help them to recover their accounts but in my end as a technical support representative I really can not help them because I'am not trained for that and i do not have enough knowledge to solve it and all I can do is to escalate them to some advance agents. I am so disappointed because whenever I encountered the same issue about hacked accounts, I always failed to solve it. I just realized how if the same thing happened to me? How will I resolve it by myself? I was trained by my mentor for over a month to be a productive agent but then I’m not effective enough. I want my learning process to grow more and I’m happy that I discovered the world of Ethical Hacking . As far as my Technical knowledge is concern,ethical hacking is a process or methods done to ensure that a company’s information systems or databases are secure. These will help a user to protect their accounts to those persons who breaks into computers or widely known as hackers. This is the main objective of EC-Council.
EC-Council is a website that offers online courses that will train you to become a certified ethical hacker. They will teach you of many preventive measures from those hackers who will try to attack your computer. Isn't so cool that you can protect and strengthen up your IT Security through ethical hacking.We should not ignore any Security threats because these are serious cases that need an immediate action. I highly recommend
EC-Council. Learn more about Security Fundamentals, penetration testing and secure programming and be one of EC Councils’ Certified Ethical Hacker.


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