Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a blessing

I got these awards from Kheed of Public Mind

"I love your blog award"

(i would love to share this to Ako Si Chase ; Misty's Adventurous journey ;Turn u Off)

"friendship award"

(would love to share this to my friends A Lady's Life; Writer Cramps; Travel and Photography; Simply the best; Pinay Wham)

Brit of Blogg for Utmerkelser's blog set this back to me..thanks!!!

"One Lovely Blog Award"

(sharing it again to Mother Knows Best; my so called life; Life Ramblings)

I got this award from Fida Abott and Twinks of Twinkletoe writing space

(and now sharing this to Kat's World 3; In Case you were Wondering; Gamay and Dako adventures; elai's haven; Colin; A Simple Life)

thanks guys you all deserve it

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