Thursday, November 26, 2009

Triple Medical Celebration

As what my title suggest, It is truly a triple medical celebration as you can get a chance to win great prizes. This GAME was organized by my friend Gagay. Who could ever imagine to win great prized by simply joining a funny game from (well, i know most of you are familiar with this site)

So here is the rule for this game:
1. You must put the sponsors' list in your blog post having a title TRIPLE MEDICAL CELEBRATION: A BlogThing Game.

2. You need to put in your sidebar or anywhere in your blog a banner on TRIPLE MEDICAL CELEBRATION: A BlogThing Game.

Optional: To be able to have a chance to receive a customized Photobook, just follow me on twitter: @yagag

After doing so, leave a comment in her blog with your official blog name/title (and not the author's name) and the BlogThing entry link/s, your user name (that you used in following my blogs) and your email address (for direct contact whenever so is need for you to be informed of).

Very Simple Right? Now here are the list of prizes that you can get by joining this simple game!


First Prize:

$5 Cash - Blog Apetite
$5 Cash - Just Too Little Time
5000 EC Credits - So Far So Good
5000 EC Credits - A Little Boy's Blog
2000 EC Credits - Rewards Station
2000 EC Credits - √ėyvind
2000 EC Credits - Moms.. check nyo
1000 EC Credits - True Health, True Wealth
1000 EC Credits - Spicy Bugz World
1000 EC Credits - Wishing on a Falling Star
1000 EC Credits - Big Love Blog
1000 EC Credits - My Imaginary Travels
1 Month Ad Space - Things I've Stumple Upon
1 Month Ad Space - Up Now and What's Next
1 Month Ad Space - Travelin' With Marie
1 Month Ad Space - Home and Parenting
1 Month Ad Space - Blog De Manila
1 Month Ad Space - Pinay Mom
1 Month Ad Space - There is Happiness
1 Month Ad Space - Also Mommy

Second Prize:

$5 Cash - Home and Parenting
2000 EC Credits - My Piece of Paradise
2000 EC Credits - A Simple Life
2000 EC Credits - Mommy's Little Corner
2000 EC Credits - Kaya Mo Pinoy
2000 EC Credits - Pinay Mom
2000 EC Credits - My Craft Stores Online
2000 EC Credits - Momgen Craft Corner
1000 EC Credits - Juliana's Bits & Pieces
1000 EC Credits - Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
1000 EC Credits - Life Can't Wait
1 Month Ad Space - Things I've Stumple Upon
1 Month Ad Space - To be. To be. Tutubi
1 Month Ad Space - Leilanie's 101 in 1001 Challenge
1 Month Ad Space - True Health, True Wealth
1 Month Ad Space - Twins Happiness
1 Month Ad Space - TH Corner

Third Prize:

2000 EC Credits - A Lonely Planet It is Not
2000 EC Credits - Blog De Manila
2000 EC Credits - Wonderful Things In Life
1000 EC Credits - Turn-U-Off
1000 EC Credits - Meow Diaries
998 EC Credits - Ask Ms Recipe
800 EC Credits - Chronic Chick Talk
750 EC Credits - A Mom's Choice
500 EC Credits - Elai's Haven
1 Month Ad Space - To be. To be. Tutubi
1 Month Ad Space - Travelin' With Marie
1 Month Ad Space - Xleon Tips

Here is the Blog Thing Game that you have to answer:
BlogThing on What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

and here's my Blog Thing Entry:

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.

You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.

From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Just what i've expected hahaha The color of my blog should be Blue....
So i'm done with my part...It's time for your turn to join Gagay's Triple Medical Celebration Game
And by the way, the TRIPLE MEDICAL CELEBRATION: BlogThing Game will end this coming Dec. 5, 2009 and the winners will be announced on the following day.
Winners will be drawn using Random.Org.

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