Saturday, November 28, 2009

A trouble with Part 2

Here's a continuation of my post about "A trouble with"
I just got an email from them way back November 19. I don't know if this is a threat or what but i got this reply after i demand for my payment and after i send an email from one of their advertiser.
Here's the exact message from Robert G of (

Att: blogger.

First of all, as I already stated several times, there are some delays in our payment because we are checking each and every blog if they respect our TOS, which you may find here:

Receiving 1 zillion of e-mails from bloggers is not exactly what I am looking for, neither contacting each and every advertiser (which is by the way prohibited, according to our TOS, since advertisers has nothing to do with bloggers, because they DO NOT pay you, but US. So bloggers work for US, not for advertisers). From the moment you decided to write a paid review, you were agree with our TOS so please be patient (or if you can’t let me know, so we can set up things much faster…) and let us do our job to ensure that advertisers now and in the future get what is best - Quality. We are rejecting each day hundreds of bloggers so please wait for us to review your blog(s).

Att: advertiser:

It’s a mistake answering any e-mails that came from any blogger that work for us. It’s not your duty to do the support department, but mine. And no one has the right to “tarnish” your image because all it takes it’s to understand that there are some delays because we want to assure that bloggers actually meet some quality guidelines and they did not alter any written post. We are not going to pay for trash, rather we’ll refund the price of those posts so you can order another reviews. So please, one more time, do not answer any incoming e-mail from bloggers.

Have a good day!
Rogert G.

Here's the Term of Condition of (

Att: blogger.

Terms and conditions

There are no fancy rules, but only a few:


1. When you reserve an opportunity, YOU AGREE that you will be paid after you earn $100 threshold. This threshold was set because of the fraudulent bloggers activity such:

- after payment they nofollow links
- post deletion
- blog deletion
- post altered aka. adsense, adbright, etc stuffed

2. If WE feel that you violated in any way our TOS, even if you reached $100 your payment is subject to delay. So, let's play correctly.

3. Do not sent a zillion e-mails because your chance to get a replay is reduced to ZERO, since you will be marked as SPAM.

4. E-mailing/contacting advertisers will lead to de-activating your account. Any questions/concernes should be addressed to us.


1. It's your right to double check all opportunities. We strive to do our best when approving posts but if you observe any typo, grammar issues, nofollow links, etc you are entitled to get a refund for the wrong opportunity.

2. After you created an opportunity and that opp. was approved we can no longer refund the opportunity cost. We hope the reasons are obvious.

Now what can you say with their system. They are restricting me and other bloggers to contact advertiser and ask for their assistance. So according to them, the reason of delays is because their checking each blogs if we're following their TOS. So sending them emails is such a nonsense and useless for them? I'm really confused with their system. Do you know what's up with this statement from Robert? "(or if you can’t let me know, so we can set up things much faster…)".

Here's another statement that worries me a lot
We are rejecting each day hundreds of bloggers so please wait for us to review your blog(s)
I felt pity for those rejected bloggers knowing that they did everything and patiently wait until they've reached the 100 threshold. Rejecting bloggers is quite unfair right? And if ever i will be one of those rejected bloggers, that would be very disappointing in my part.
We took a very long time just to reach their threshold and now we're going to wait again just to have our payment. I hope this site will practice Professionalism as much as we do.

November is about to end and most bloggers haven't received their payment just like me. December 1 is about to come (The next payment date for those bloggers who have reached the 100 threshold for the month of November) which means another set of bloggers will be queued for their payment process. Now, i'm wondering how will they able to manage everything. If they sent the payment on time, i guess there will no problem.
This could be one of the biggest mistake i've made. I should not join this company on the first place.

By the way the reason why i'm showing up two domains for their site, is to warn you that is just thje same with What do you think the reason of the sudden change of their domain? hmmmm
I will give you updates soon about this trouble with (

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