Sunday, November 15, 2009

A trouble with

Many bloggers have shared their thoughts and opinion about this. Some even shared out bad words againsts this site. I don't want to be rude so let me take this in a diplomatic way.
If you are familiar with blog advertising, I'm sure you know something about don't you? is currently known as Just like other blog advertising company like,,, this site will also let you earn money by creating reviews on a certain product, software, services..ets provided by the advertiser. However, what makes ( differ from other sites is that, you have to reach their $100 threshold before you can have your payment. According to them, they were forced to apply this threshold because in the last 6 (six) months they had to refund advertisers because bloggers nofollow-ed links, deleted sponsored posts or just because they deleted the entire blog.
Now here's my problem

I have reached their $100 threshold last October (which took me 5 months just to reach this threshold). You will be paid directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month once you have reached their threshold limit. Supposed to be, i should get my payment last November 1 but i didn't received any. I thought there was just a delay that will take days or a week to complete the process but it's been 3 weeks and still, there is no progress.

I try to contact them and send them emails EVERYDAY but i received no reply until last November 5 when i got a reply from ROBERT G. from stating;

(Hi There. Yes, there is a Huge Delay in our payment time. Hopefully we do all payments in the next few days)
This is Robert's reply after i asked him why i haven't received my payment yet. I thought everything is cleared and my questions regarding about my payment were answered. I keep sending them messages to give me some updates and since i never got any response or replies from them, i decided to contact all the advertisers and ask them what's going on. I got replies from some of their advertisers and Surprisingly here's what they answered me

We've received many emails from many people about this in recent past.
I can only say that we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any of this and have a business to run!
Why you were not paid is truly their and your problem.

I am copying this email to Robert from their company.
Please talk to him and not us about it.)

Now, this what makes ( quite questionable. If the advertisers PAID THEM IN ADVANCE, i don't see any reason for a Huge Delay for their payment process. According to the advertiser, they've received many emails about this which is quite alarming right?

Here's another hanging question about this site, the sudden change of their Site's name without notifying its users is also questionable.

Oh and before i joined, their threshold is only $50 and then they extend it to $100...I wonder why

Now here's the thing, let's say i'm not after the money but knowing that i took 5 months just to reach their threshold and knowing how risky it was for my blogs/sites to post sponsored reviews especially in generating traffic and page rank! That is quite unfair right? I gave extra efforts for those post just to satisfy the advertisers.

And now, I'm done with my part and it's time for ( to make a closure for this post. I will post all the updates about this!

This is a lesson that i've learned! I should be observant in terms of choosing an Online Advertising Company and i should perform backgroud check as much as possible!

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