Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Listening to Radio

I am a certified music lover and i just can't live a day without listening to any of my favorite songs. Music has been a part of my everyday life and it also serve as my daily energizer. Listening to music while doing house chores will somehow boost my energy and help me keep going. I used to listen either with my mp3 or with my radio. I prefer listening to an english radio station especially those stations that play my favorite old english songs and country music. Listening to a radio will not just give me an opportunity to hear those rare songs, radios, especially english radio, will also deliver useful information to its listeners like current news, celebrity gossips, sports, and more. They also deliver a more comprehensive news that what we hear on tv. Radio announcers also give their frank and fearless opinion about a certian topic which makes it more interesting. Radio also update their news from time to time unlike on tv where in you have to wait for that certain time slot when news are being aired. I also love listening to those english radio station that delivers both local and international news like that english radio cote d'azur France has. They even have an official website for their radio station that contains all kind of news from Local, French, International news to the latest celebrity gossips, music, sports news, entertainment and more. Radio can also come in handy especially during brown outs which mostly happen during calamities like typhoons and earthquakes. Battery powered radio or transistor can only be their information source during these calamities. People in affected areas for example can keep themselves updated with the recent weather condition etc. In fact, almost all campers are required to bring this simple yet very useful device which can be very helpful in their camp to gather information about the upcoming typhoon and more. I remember there was a radio station before that used to listen with. They have this portion where listeners can have a chance to send in their messages to their love ones on air. I just finf it cool because it is very interesting to see and hear different characters of different people over the radio. How about you guys> Are you fond of listening to your radio cassette too? Do you find it handy too? Feel free to share your thoughts. have a great day and happy blogging.

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