Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Art Projects

If you enjoyed our art projects last month, Now we're bringing up more this month. We are set to make 8 art projects this month and we are done featuring 5 of them. Here are the projects We did.

Milzon with his Santa Hat

Recycled Christmas Lantern Using Popsicle sticks and old CDs

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame (our birthday gift for Mirasol)

Mirasol with her Improvised Maracas project

A Poinsettia Christmas Tree Hanging Decor.

We have 3 more projects to share. here are the photos to give you a hint.
Aluminum Foil card board,and green crepe paper
Empty egg shells, colored papers and googly eyes
Cardboard , colorful papers and ribbons.

Any hint?? Well we can say that these last 3 projects are the high lights of this month's theme. We have more big projects to come this coming december. feel free to visit us at Our Little Corners

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