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If you are not a fan of this game, then i'm sure you can't relate with this entry. I am a Big Resident Evil fan. Today, i will be listing my personal list of the
here we go
This frightening sub-boss is perhaps one of the most deadly in Resident Evil 4, as he can kill Leon in a single hit. While these Ganados don't appear often, you should immediately focus your attention on them as you do. There are several different variations of Chainsaw Ganados, each of them having varying levels of power. If you're having trouble with him, explosives often do the trick. After winning the bottlecap figure of the Chainsaw Ganado at one of the shooting galleries situated throughout the game, the name of the male Chainsaw Ganados appears to be Dr. Salvador. In mercenaries there is a much larger dr salvador called super salvador he is a major pain. He is 2x bigger he has a double bladed chainsaw and its on fire. and he swings it around everywhere until you are dead. 
The Bella Sisters were a group of siblings who became ganados after Los Illuminados cult implanted them with Las Plagas. They wielded red chainsaws and wore bandages completely covering their heads. Like Dr. Salvador, they could be outrun. One of the sisters confronted Ada Wong on her search for a way into the Church. A second sister confronted her near the caves on the other side of the valley. Two other sisters joined together in a camp where they attacked Leon S. Kennedy. However, Leon managed to kill them both. The name Bella, meaning "beautiful" in Spanish, and their bandaged faces both suggest that the four siblings were once attractive, until they were severely mutilated. It is unknown how they received these injuries and whether it was before or after Plagas infection.


El Gigante (literally "the giant" in Spanish) is a rare enemy and recurring sub-boss in Resident Evil 4. Gigantes are towering behemoths, formerly humans that were exposed to Las Plagas parasites, and through an unknown method, grew to an immense size, acquiring great strength and brutality to compensate for their loss of higher reasoning. It could be that the parasite in El Gigante could have caused an extreme growth spurt which increased the bone growth as well as the muscle and skin growth, but it isn't confirmed. These monsters have high stamina and will use their vast size and bulk to choke, crush, kick, charge and punch smaller prey. The only weak point on El Gigante is the accordingly overgrown Plaga attached to its spine. When the Plaga is destroyed, so is El Gigante. Once damaged enough, the Plaga will expose itself and El Gigante will fall to its knees, grabbing his head in pain, allowing the player to climb up onto it's back and use their knife to slash at the writhing Plaga parasite before the monster recovers. If the player is too slow or presses the wrong attack button during this action, they will be thrown from El Gigante's back and the player lose their chance to inflict damage on the monster. Repeating this method (3 successful attacks, more specifically) will eventually kill El Gigante. One does not however have to respond to the action and can instead shoot the Plaga with a powerful weapon. Likewise, a well placed shot from a Rocket Launcher can also instantly kill an El Gigante. A startlingly efficient way of dealing with El Gigante is to fire three mine darts from the Mine Thrower (without the EX heat-seeking upgrade) in rapid succession at the exposed Plaga: the Plaga will then retreat into the thoracic cavity and the mines will detonate, killing the monster instantly.


The Garradors, which means "Clawer" in Spanish, are rare Zealot enemies that inhabit Salazar's Castle from Resident Evil 4. Appearing as a large armored gladiator-like warrior with retractable claws grafted to each forearm, the Garrador is a dangerous and extremely aggressive enemy which has a high resistance to frontal attacks. The Garrador has two main weaknesses, the first is its lack of eyesight and the second is its visibly exposed Plaga erupting from its spine. Keep in mind though, that flashbangs will allow them to detect the player, and they will immediately charge. However, hitting The Garrador with an Incendiary Grenade will disable them. The Garrador finds its prey by hearing and will charge towards the origin of any loud noises in earshot, viciously swiping with its claws. Garradors are extremely dangerous and can kill a player in seconds if they are caught in the path of one of their rampages. If caught by a charge with medium low health, the Garrador will use a special death animation, where the he plunges it's claws through the victim's face, followed up with a stab to the chest. Getting hit by a swipe with low health will also decapitate the character. The only way to defeat a Garrador is to try and trick them into turning their back on the player. Either by remaining quiet and waiting for the Garrador to go on patrol (it will retract its claws and start walking around the area, occasionally stopping to listen) whereby it may turn its back on the player allowing for a shot at its Plaga. Running makes noise that can alert the Garrador, but walking won't allow the player to simply walk around behind the Garrador. Another tactic is to stand by a wall or door and attempt to goad the Garrador into charging the player. If timed successfully the player can move out of the way, the Garrador will plunge its claw into whatever surface the player was standing by, and the monster will become immobilized for a few seconds allowing another shot at its spine. Another method that uses more ammo is to shoot it in the stomach or leg with a powerful weapon (such as the shotgun or magnum) and run behind it to shoot the plaga. A great, but a bit slow, method is to have Ashley with you. Use the "Wait/Follow" trick so the Garrador can hear you. Move aside so the Garrador won't hit you then proceed to either knifing or shooting its back. One way he brutally kills his prey is by lashing about blindly, decapitating an opponent. An alternative form of killing an enemy, is by throwing his claws into the face of his prey, then impaling the victim's torso, killing him almost instantly. For some reason, the claw that is stabbed through the victim's head doesn't instantly kill them, when it obviously pierces through the brain.


Iron Maidens are apparent Regenerator variants/prototypes; large humanoid creatures well above a normal human's height. They share most physical traits with the Regenerator but with slight differences; they have a larger mouth that takes up almost their whole face,have a purple hue to their skin and many large pointed spikes and nails protruding from their bodies. Their name comes from the ancient torturing tool, the Iron Maiden, which was a standing coffin of sorts filled with sharp spikes on the inside which you would lock victims into. Much like the Regenerators, they can be shot several times with no effect and their lost limbs will regrow in a matter of seconds, even the head, and they house several leech-like Plagas as well. However, the Iron Maidens lack visible eyes and have a slower walking speed than Regenerators but can crawl much faster. The Iron Maidens tend to use their spikes as weapons, having a special attack where they grab Leon, pull him toward itself and then extend their spikes, impaling him for massive damage. They do not use their mouths to attack due to it being severely deformed (it has a mouth similar to the Gravedigger). They walk in a slow, deliberate manner, constantly suffering from rapid, spastic movements. When dying, their upper torso erratically launch the spikes adorning it's body. Due to their lack of mandible usage, the Iron Maidens lack perhaps the Regenerator's strongest and most lethal attack, the shoulder-bite. Instead, they will try to grab you, then pull you into a "death-hug", impaling Leon on their spikes. Unless you have a large amount of health, this attack will almost always cause death, particularly on Pro Mode. The deadly "jumping bite" that the Regenerators use to excellent effect is replaced with the Iron Maiden repelling its spikes, which deal medium damage.

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