Monday, November 15, 2010

Boxers or Briefs?

I remember when i was in high school, we had a debate about this topic whether boxers are more comfortable to wear than briefs and vice versa. Well, if you are going to ask me, i'll definitely go for the brief since i got used to it already buy i don't mind wearing boxers too. For me, what matters most is the comfortability and it all depends upon the wearer. If you are comfortable in wearing those "three pieces per pack" underwear then go for it! But of course, there are some men who are very choosy when it comes to buying underwear. These are the men who wears nothing but branded. Maybe these guys have sensitive skin and they can easily get rashes and feel itchy in wearing other brands. Well for me, it doesn't really matter whether its Hanes, Hilfiger, or calvin klein underwear as long as i feel comfortable, I'm fine with it. I don't mind wearing under armour too if necessary. But if you are a guy who is confident enough with what he got down there hehe (and you know what i mean) you may have the courage to wear those sexy 2xist underwear. How about you guys, what do you prefer? Boxers or Briefs?

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