Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hooray... Finally i was able to post this portion again... I've been so busy lately and i failed to managed my time in blogging.... but i am very thankful that you are all still here to support me... Anyway, our featured blogger for this month is a very special one... Very special because he is my cousin and he's no other than Poor Prince. Poor Prince of Poor Prince

What is your blog all about?

Actually my blog doesn't have a certain theme, all i do is feature a music artist, an actor and a movie every month but aside from this i also do some personal articles like poems and some regarding my opinions,i am also posting some fun trivia that is for sure to tickle your minds .

When and how did you started blogging?

My blog is now on its 4th month,but blogging wasn't really new to me for i had 2 blogs before(hall of fame and in my mind) .but i find blogging quite boring before perhaps because I'm too young that time.but now I'm back and I'm back for good

You are known for being "Mr. Viruz" before and as far as i remember you are handling two blogs before namely, "Hall of Fame" and "In My mind"? What happened to them and what makes you decide to comeback as Mr Poor Prince?

well in addition to what i said on my previous answer, I decided to go blogging again actually because of my old school paper works.
as i was cleaning my room i found some of my old poems and letters that i used back on my school days and instantly it encourage me to have it all posted in a new blog.and of course its you cousin who is really eager on encouraging me to go on blogging once again and for that thanks to you. hmmm by the way i changed my pen name from viruz to poor prince to have my come back a kick lol

You have posted a lot of Interesting entries in your blog, Among all your post, what is your most favorite and why?

My favorite post that i had so far is the one where i introduce myself. revealing who is behind poor prince. the title of that post was( Filler Post: Who Is POOR PRINCE?)

What do we have to expect from "Poor Prince" these following months?

Well blue there is much to expect on my blog on this coming days.more artist and movies to feature and opinions, articles and trivia to share that will surely give you all a great time reading.

Any precious tips you can share to newbies and fellow bloggers on blogging?

Always be optimistic, courageous and faithful to god and the rest of the best will follow

Thank you so muchPoor Prince
for allowing me to feature your blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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Watch out for my next month IBOTM Awardee.
Once again, this is Bluedreamer and Poor Prince
, Breaking the Boundaries!

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