Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keeping Your House Safe While Your Are Away

There are many ways to keep your house safe while you are away. there is no such thing as safe place in this world even your own house can be at risk without proper security. before you leave your house and if you know that you will be gone for many days, you better secure your house first. Shut off electricity and gas; disconnect all appliances. Bring down curtains, draperies and store them. Close all windows, making sure they cannot be forced open. Lock all doors and secure other possible points of entry. Lock all the closets and cabinets especially those where valuables are stored. Disposed of perishable food. Discard inflammable material such as old newspapers, cleaning fluids, varnishes and more and don't leave matches lying around. Check all the faucets and shut off water connection. Protect from dust with newspapers or dust sheets your furniture, beds and those which can't be stored away. Clean the house and spray with insecticides to minimize pest infestation. Leave duplicate key of the house to a trusted neighbor for emergency purposes.
Aside from dangers like Fire, you also have to secure your house against those burglars. Install dead-bolt locks and chain locks on all doors and use them. You can also install alarm system monitoring in your house to secure it against those burglars. Install those surveillance cameras with ADT Pulse so that you can view live video feed from your home to see exactly what is going on. You can find these home alarm systems in all modern houses and even business establishments. Also, do not leave spare keys under the doormat, over the door or in a flowering pot. They can easily be found! Do not depend on easily opened snap locks. And most of all, do not leave valuable where they can be seen from the outside because burglars can easily be tempted by this.
You can't make a man honest, but you can make it harder for him to be dishonest. By taking needed precautions you'll protect your own interest and those of all whom God committed you to care.

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