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Blog Title Wishing on a Falling Star

Blog Author Mariuca

Blog Category Personal

What Is Your Blog All About? My blog revolves around my activities and life as a freelance copywriter who works from home and everything else that happens in between! :)

When And How did you start Blogging? Aha! I just wrote a post on this at my blog, you can read it here! Remembering Tokyo

Blogs I Like (Characteristics)
1. Well-written 2. Intriguing 3. Not overcrowded with ads 4. Nice template and blog header 5. Friendly 6. Not too depressing with daily posts of complaints.

Blogs I Dislike (Characteristics) 1. Political Blogs 2. Boring blogs with no effort to entice readers to stay a while and hey.. come back again another day! 3. Blogs with pop-ups is a no-no! 4. I despise Blog stalkers! :(

What Motivates you to Blog? My life, my love and family, my cats, my work, my travel stories and whatever that catches my attention! :)

Who Are your Target Readers?
Educated professionals, writers, students, housewives, those working from home and of course my own friends and family.

What is Your Most Favorite post and Why?
Ahhhhh my favourite post... I have a few posts that I am proud of but I am particularly fond of Love in Disarray. Why? Because it was the first post singled out to be featured on another site! :)

Things We Should Expect from your Blog these succeeding months
I have been suffering from 'blogger's block' as of late but knowing me and my passion to blog, you can bet there will be more interesting stories headed your way!

Tips For Our Readers About Blogging

1. NEVER start a blog with the sole intention of making money asap.. that's really not how it works. If you start a blog with this intention in mind, your blog will not have its own voice; your posts will then be motivated by money. The real you and your voice will not be visible and when your blog doesn't have your own personal voice or direction, that's when the readers become disinterested. Just saying!

Thank you so much Mariuca
for allowing me to feature your very interesting blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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