Sunday, March 27, 2011

MM: Thia Megia ~ Out Here On My Own

This Season is better than the previous ones. It is packed with so many talented contenders and is very unpredictable. Who would have thought that Naima Adedapo's "Dancing in the street" (not to mention her silly dancing moves) will make her an instant favorite last performance night. Casey Abrams is an early favorite but no one predicted that he will be in the bottom 3 last elimination night.
I just hate the drama going on in the Idol Stage as if the producers are making this for ratings. I just hate the saving part too. Don't you think it is kinda unfair for the remaining Top 10 who did their best to encourage the audience to vote for them? Don't you think it's kinda unfair for the voters too? This is American Idol not Judges' Idol.
One more thing! I want Simon back! Randy, Jennifer and Steven have their own favorites which is unfair for other contestants. If Simon is in there, he will not tolerate this favoritism.
Okay... now i'm the one making the drama here.

Thia is one of my bet here though i can't see her as the winner but i wish she could stay there for awhile. I like her not because she's a Filipina but because of having this unique and distinct voice. I have to admit, i didn't like her last performance (Heat Wave) as she sounded like Miley Cyrus (and that's not a good thing haha). So here's my MM entry for this week. I just love her "Out Here on My Own" version.

This week, they will be hitting Elton John songs... So it is time for Thia to shine since her expertise are into ballads. I wonder what Elton John Songs will suit her Voice... "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" is a big no no for her or else she will be dubbed already as a Disney Girl after performing "Colors of Wind" from the Disney Film Pocahontas. Maybe she can sing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" though this song was performed by so many former idols already including David Archuleta from season 8 and Clay Aiken of Season 2 and oh our very own Jasmine Trias did her own version too. I would love to her playing her guitar.

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