Thursday, March 10, 2011

I just made a SMART decision!

I've been sharing different top five list and trivia here over the years and this time, let me share you something different, something personal. Blogging has already become a part of my life and it helped me a lot in so many ways. In fact, i considered the time that i discovered blogging as one of the most memorable moment in my life. It may sounds funny and a little bit over-the-top, but yes it's true. I just can't live a day without Internet or accessing any of my blogs. It's like a stress reliever to me already. Posting entries here and visiting other blogs used to keep all my stress away and I'm sure you guys feel the same way too.
Literally, i can't live a day without the Internet since my job is barely relying on it. Working as a freelance web writer is really a big challenge to me and is also the reason why i used to be online for about 13 to 18 hours a day. Let me share you something about my Freelance web writing experience and i hope this can inspire you too.
It was back year 2007 when i started to have this freelance web writing job. I discovered this way of making money online through my blogger friends who are also freelancers. Well, it really took my interest not because of the money that i can earn from it but because of the challenge that this job can offer. I'm really not a good English writer nor a good speaker but still, i decided to grab this opportunity and treated it not as a job but more of a challenge to test how far my English skills can go. Did you know that during my early years in blogging, i used to do my online activities on an Internet Cafe? Yup! I don't have my own computer at that time and besides, i am just a part time freelancer so whenever the Internet connection is slow, i have no choice but to bear with it. But when i decided to take this freelancing job seriously, both of my Ate Norms and Ate Belle (my blogging mentors), encouraged me to invest my savings and buy a computer of my own. And so i did and just few months ago, i switched to a new ISP because the previous one gave me nothing but headaches. I subscribed now to SmartBro! Anyway, the rest of my blogging experience is history and i am very happy and thankful to have you guys who keep on supporting my blogs all throughout. The reason behind this undying blogging motivation is you guys. Every time i think of my readers and blogger friends who appreciate my entries, i become more motivated and inspired. Oh, I should be thankful to my ISP too especially the SmartBro because without them, i will never have this wonderful blogging experience.
Since I already mentioned SMART BRO, I think this is also the perfect time to tell them how "very satisfied" i am as their subscriber. You know, it's funny because every time i encounter this "very satisfied" phrase, it always reminds me of my previous job. I worked as a call center agent before. I actually worked under a foreign ISP as a technical support associate and believe me guys, i know the drill and i know how this customer service works! I know how it feels when an irate customer calls in and how he or she yells at you over the phone. Yup! it's really pressuring and stressing yet i had so much fun! But of course, this is exactly a different thing with my SMART BRO and i'm 100% sure that i will never be an Irate customer for them. In fact, their customer support team is absolutely amazing! I just called their hot line yesterday not because i am complaining about their service but because i am intrigued by their new promo.

I used to visit their official web page to check on my bills and also to check for some freebies too. And then this new promo took my attention yesterday.
Just look at their amazing freebies if you subscribe on their SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 plan.
  • Free All-In-One HP Printer
  • FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
  • Free 1 month broadband subscription
This is my 3rd month as a subscriber of Smart bro and too bad i failed to have this amazing promo. But it's not too late since i am planning to upgrade my Plan 999 to the SmartBro WiMAX Plan 1995.


I just don't know if the upgrade will cover the freebies. I forgot to ask this one to the customer representative yesterday so better call again them tomorrow. But whether I will receive freebies or not, it doesn't really matter, i still want to try their WiMAX plan. It is said that WiMAX runs in a 4G environment which is much faster and more stable. Interesting right? Maybe, i'll try to apply this weekend.
Speaking of application, I had a funny experience during my application to Smart Bro. I was actually about to subscribe to different ISP at that time. I traveled almost 2 hours just to reach the nearest branch of that ISP only to know that our area is not a part of their coverage! (What the!!??). So i went home frustrated. Then I decided to dropped by on the market to shop some goods when i found 2 guys distributing these SmartBro leaflets. Actually, i still have those leaflets with me hehe.
And so i went to the SMART BRO booth near them and ask them more about their service. So i decided to subscribe to their 999 Plan and guess what, i think i just made a smart decision for choosing SMART BRO as my Internet Service Provider. The service is good and the connection is absolutely amazing.
It is very important to have a fast Internet Connection especially for us bloggers. I used to visit multiple websites everyday and I need a fast connection to support my daily online activity. I'm a game lover too and i need a fast connection to support my games and to provide ultimate gaming experience. Same thing goes with the Youtube and online movie fanatics. This is also a great advantage for us Filipinos who have relatives residing and working abroad where connecting them through websites or software like Skype and Yahoo Messenger with NO EASE is very important.
Okay that's all for now. I think i should mark this post on my calendar for being the longest entry i have ever had in my entire blogging history LOL.
Anyway, for my Filipino Readers, if you are interested about this new SMART BRO promo, just feel free to visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents on your area. Remember that this Smart BRO Unlimited Home broadband promo will run from March 4 to June 4, 2011 only.

Why Should you get SMART BRO? Check this video to find out!

Have A great day and Happy Surfing guys!

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