Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cool Your Self This Summer!

Summer is really here and i just can't take it anymore. Could you imagine that Metro Manila broke it's own record for having the highest and hottest temperature last week. It rose up to 37 degree Celsius. Some were blaming it on what so-called "climate change" brought by Global Warming.That is quite alerting, right? But for the mean time here are the things you can do to cool yourself this summer!

Hit The Beach. Well, i guess the word "summer" is already wired with the word "beach". If you said summer, you'll probably thinking of going to a beach. It is a nice way to cool yourself up this summer season especially with those white sand, crystal clear water, and a tropical ambiance, you'll definitely feel like your in a paradise!
(Halo Halo from the Phillippines)
Freshers! Cool yourself this summer with refreshing drinks like shakes, Ice cream, snow cone and more. Here in Philippines, we have what we called "halo-halo."It is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl.

Stay Inside. If you don't want to travel and if you think that going to a beach is very time consuming, well the best thing i can advised for you is just to stay inside your house.Using electric fan is not really effective so use air conditioner instead. These air conditioners are said to be more effective in providing comfort during either hot or cold weather. Actually there are now what we called mini split air conditioners available in the market. Unlike the ordinary type of air conditioners, these split air conditioners or also known as ductless air conditioners produce less noise and they are also smaller in size and not taking too much space. There's also no water needs to be drained from the internal unit unlike the unitary type air con.

Travel.If you love to travel, then it would be great. Hit the road and travel like there's no tomorrow. It would be fun to explore new places right? or if you want to go further then i suggest that you book a flight now and have an exciting trip to one of your favorite summer destinations with your family or friends.

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