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It's "Interesting Blog Of the Month" time again! I am so excited for this moment to come because another blogger will share some information about him and his very interesting blog. I am very proud to say that he is also a fellow pinoy blogger. Interacting with bloggers is so fun and very enjoying. This inspires me to have this Interview formatted portion in my blog. To all my fellow bloggers, let me introduce you our
"Before The Eastern Sunset" by "Ishmael Ahab"

What's Your Blog All about?

Before the Eastern Sunset is my personal blog. As such, it contains my experiences and perceptions of the world, the places that I traveled to, and interesting things that I think would be worth sharing to other people.

When And how you started Blogging?

I started blogging more than two years ago in the last semester of my college life. I feel so depressed by that time and I tried to look for something worthwhile to do to distract myself. That's when I discovered blogging. Happily, my blog helped me focus on better things.

What is the Story behind your Blog Title ~ Before The Eastern Sunset?

For me, the setting of the sun signifies the end or, in the case of human beings, it may signify death. My blog title virtually says that I will continue writing and sharing posts to my readers until my end.

You have posted a lot of Interesting entries in your blog, Among all your post, what is your most favorite and why?

My favorite is my blog post about Intramuros in Manila. I really enjoyed my travel inside the walled city and thus, I enjoyed writing about it in my blog.

Something we don't know about you

There are many things that you may or will never know about me since I am somewhat a secretive person. I try to keep my private life from my blogging career. One tidbit that you may not know about me is that I am left handed person.

What motivates you to blog?

Being an engineer makes me to focus on more technical things. Because of this, my talent in writing is being left unused. Thus, I turned to blogging to hone my writing skills. Also, I treat blogging as challenge. It makes me think critically on how to increase my pagerank, how to broaden my reader base and how I can apply many knowledge in making my blog successful.

What do we have to expect from "Before the Eastern Sunset" these following months?

Expect more blog posts about my travels around the Philippines. Aside from that, I always treat my blogs as works in progress, so people can expect new interesting things slated to be seen on Before the Eastern Sunset.

Any precious tips you can share to newbies and fellow bloggers on blogging?

One thing that I could leave to your readers is this: "Never stop learning." I believe that a successful blogger do not stop studying and learning many things about the world around him/her. Our mind is not an infinite source of information and it needed inputs from the world. So, we must continue reading other peoples' works; continue experiencing the world around us; and continue interacting with other people. These things will serve as a blogger's great source of information that can be used in blogging.

Thank you so much Ishmael for allowing me to feature your blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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Watch out for my next month IBOTM Awardee.
Once again, this is Bluedreamer and Ishmael Ahab, Breaking the Boundaries!




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