Friday, April 9, 2010

Working with Final Encounter

Okay, here's my update for my upcoming Comic blog. First, let me tell you what the title of my first comic is.. It's "Final Encounter"
Honestly, i'm already done with this comics, however, it was written in Filipino so i decided to do another version but this time, everything will be translated in English so that every one is welcome to read. Final Encounter. Final Encounter is more of a fantasy story, inspired by Japanese manga. The story revolves around a teenage boy named Jazz and his journey to the world called "Epzibah". He is destined to save the world and save Princess Jane from the hands of Captain Bruce, a greedy yet mysterious conqueror. Jazz will be accompanied by different people all through out the story. It is revealed that Jazz will be in loved with the princess, giving him more courage to fulfill his mission. There are actually some twist in the story that will be answered in the last chapters.
I am working now with the scripts and i am done translating the first volume (composed of 14 chapters) and currently working with the volume 2. My nose is bleeding already haha i am not that good in English so as my grammar so if ever you find some mistakes, my apology.
Aside from blogging, i also love to draw and making my own comic series though i tend not to show it to everyone. My only readers are my cousins and my brothers but other than them, no one has any idea that i am doing this stuff. I am not good in drawing but i you'll enjoy my stories. Final Encounter is my 5th comics ( i still have the copy of this comic book) i have 17 comics already and Final Encounter is one of my favorites. After "Final Encounter", i will share more of my comics to you as soon as the site is published. This is just for fun. Will give you updates soon.

These are the original cast of Final Encounter. I will do some changes after i'm done with the scripts.
Here are the main cast (Volume 1)

From left to right : Jazz/Ric/George/Ninggis/Alessandra/Princess Jane

Supporting Cast from Volume 1

Elder/ Trinity

These are the characters that will accompany Jazz in the Volume 2

Pinky, Vampa, Cathleen

Jazz allies from Volume 3 (last Volume)

Roboter/ Dragonaire/ Nancy

Here are the main Villains

From Left to Right: Captain Bruce (leader) / Sindrox /Funggus / Lily

Here are the supporting Villains

Maggot/ Waspre/ Lady Puppeteer/ Akuria / Needle Lady/ Doctor Devil

Here are the 7 Elemental Guardians
They will help Jazz all through out his journey

Dark/ Forest/Fire/ Thunder/ Earth/ Light/ Wind

here are some photos taken from the Filipino version of Final Encounter

This is all for now, will give you more updates soon. I'll give you a new Anime-related TopFive entry in my next post.
Have a great day and Happy blogging!


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