Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who is Bluedreamer?

I don't know but i end up today deciding to make this post. So who's really the person behind "Bluedreamer". This time, no more essays, no more lies, no more blog promotions, no more sponsored links no more etc.... In this post, i just want to be honest to myself, just me, the real me. It's been 3 years but still, no one among all my blogger friends know who am i. In reality, i am Milton Coyne III, 21 years old, eldest, and breadwinner. I am a college student taking Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring Mathematics. I love teaching and it is always been my passion.
If you see me in person, you'll ask yourself if i am really the bluedreamer who is very active and happy blogger. In real life, you can cosider me as a loner type of person. I used to be alone and i never go outside unless it's necessary. I am not that rich kid who can do anything he want. Life has been very cruel to me actually, or if not cruel , it's playful. After my father got stroke, as the eldest, i took all his responsibilities. It's hard but i have no choice. I don't want my mom to work for us. So at the age of 15, while i am studying in high school, i am working as a part time tutor already. I go to school at 6am up to 5 pm, i go back to our house just to change my clothes before going to tutorial session with my students. I spend 5 hours tutoring 5-7 kids daily. I go home again for dinner then i go to my Auntie's shop to help her which i also earn extra income. To sum it all, i spend most of my time working and the only time i can do my assignments in school is at 1 am to 2 am in the morning. But i am happy that even i took a small amount of time in studying, i was able to maintain my grades and my scholarship. Sometimes, i want to surrender and give up everything but i am a man with ambition and this ambition is what keeps me moving and what motivates me to continue.
If there's one thing that i am regretting about, that is the time when i give up my personal life for my family. I gave 100% attention to my family without thinking that i am losing my personal life. I never experience to have friends who are always there to help you when you're in trouble. I never had a chance to socialize with others knowing that i focused a lot to my work. I never had a chance to experience the life of being a teenager.
When i was in high school, most of my classmates bully me because they find me weird as if i have my own world. Which is true. I really have wide imagination. I keep on imagining things as if i am in another world. A fantasy, an illusion!
And so i step up in college, still carrying the responsibilities of my dad, but this time i aimed for changes. I want to look forward to all the positive things that can happen to me in the near future. I set aside all the fears and tears because i want to live a normal life. A life that is appropriate in my age.
Most of you asked me why do i have so many blogs, so here's my answer. I discovered blogging in the help of my cousin. Her blog stands as her personal diary and only her can access it. this somehow inspire me to do my own blog so that i can express my self in the way i want. I have a personal blog and only me can access it. I made this blog intending to share my passion ~ teaching. I love sharing info and i love doing research so i decided to have the concept of "top five". I am not a good writer that's why i am just gathering those articles all out the web. The only unique in this blog is the fact that i am gathering those information and put it in one category and that is the main concept of this blog. My blog took 4 to 7 months without any readers until someone left his comment stating that he enjoyed my list. That comment made me so eager to improve my blog and gives me a lot of ideas. As the number of my readers grow, the number of my blogs are also increasing.
All my blogs have different theme showing different side of me, different personalities. Personalities that i failed to show in the real world. this is the reason why i really love to blog because every time i am facing my computer and accessing my blog, i feel like i am in a different world where everyone likes me and every one is proud of me. A world where i have friends who keep on supporting me.
It's been 3 years and i am happy that i am still here. The reason why i also created some portions in my blogs like the "interesting blog of the month" and so on is to motivate other bloggers to continue what they're doing, because that is how blogging is important to me and that is how blogging change me.
So that's it, that is the story of my life and the person behind bluedreamer. By the way i don't know where exactly i got bluedreamer. I hope my story inspires you.
that's all for now, and just like what i always say
Have a great day and HAPPY BLOGGING!


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