Friday, May 21, 2010

The Passion of Music

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I am a certified music lover and I guess all of you are aware with that. Music has been a part of my everyday life already. It ‘s used to be my energizer to motivate me more in my work and it also serve as my stress reliever. I love music especially the old ones but there are few modern songs that I love to listen with as well. I can say that I am a bit “picky” when it comes to songs. There are four important factors that will make me attracted to a certain song.
First is the “Message of the Song”. Is it so nice to listen to a song that you can really relate with? Song is an art of expressing emotion where words are turning in to lyrics and lyrics are turning into songs.
Melody. There are different kinds of melody. There is what we called Ballads; there are hard metal, pop, jazz, acoustic and more. I am more into ballad type of music because it sounds like a lullaby for me. It is so refreshing and so dramatic to hear. It’s not too loud and not too soft as well. It is just perfect way to listen and to relax.
The Singer. Well, let’s admit it, once we are attracted to a certain song, we will find ways to find out who sang it, then once you found out, you will start listening to other songs sang by them without realizing that we are becoming their fan already.
Last but not the least factor that makes me so attracted into a certain song is the provided Music Video of the song. Of course, if you are fan now, you always wanted to see your idol right? Since we cannot always see them performing live, we are filling up our satisfaction by watching their music videos. Some of my favorite singers who never failed me in their cool and amazing music videos are Michael Jackson (especially the most notable Thriller video), Beyonce (and her famous Single Ladies moves), and of course Lady Gaga and her very notable Poker Face video.
Music videos are done to make us feel the song much better and of course it is so great to see our favorite artist singing their hit songs. It’s like; you’re watching an adapted movie than reading it entirely from the book.
It is so nice to see that even music videos are embracing the touch of modern technologies. Well, I guess it is pretty obvious when you compare the music videos from the 80’s to the music videos of today. Modern videos have huge differences when it comes to digital technology.
One good example is the new music video from the newest French sensation ~ Phoenix. For those who are not familiar with the band, they are an alternative rock band from France who produced hit songs like “1901”, “Everything is everything” and “Run Run Run”.

The band is currently working with their latest album in partnership with two major companies of Intel and Vise. The video is directed by a well known artist, film maker and musician, Karl Sadler.
Check this video to see how Sadler expresses his playfulness, originality, and creativity to his latest work with the band.

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