Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's Up With May

Hi everyone...Today, i will be sharing all the upcoming events for this blog.
But before that here are some reason to celebrate this month
It's Labor's Day.. well yesterday...but it is still holiday so cheers!
Don't forget to greet your mom a Happy Mother's day this May!

Here are the latest happenings in my other blogs.
◘ Catch the last week of the "Dolly Parton - Taylor Swift Back to Back" in my Song To Remember because starting from May 12, we will have another pair up which is the "Cindy Lauper -Lady Gaga Back 2 Back theme" Something in common? yup! they both have unque sense of fashion.. Will tackle more about this soon.
◘ If you enjoyed "Online Journey's Roald Dahl's Collection- Book Review Special" last month, we will another list of reviews but this time we are turning our page to gadgets!
◘ We will have a deeper discussion about "Success" in my Positive Thinker Blog
◘ Will Share some useful tips in my Feed Your Mind, Bluedreamer, Daily Newstand, and My Adventures
◘ we will buzz more about politics in my "Just Buzzing" as we take count down for the upcoming May 10 Philippine election
◘My lil bro and i will share some artworks in "Our Little Corners"
◘ More entry of Avengers in Superblog
◘ Catch new creep every friday at World of Creeps
◘ Will tackle more about browsers at Blue Tech
◘ hopefully, i can share you at least the first chapter of my web comic "Final Encounter"

What's up with May in Bluedreamer's Top Five
◘ Will share 4 new Top five entries
◘ Will share my adventures with my little brother.. expect to see more of his pictures here
◘ Of course, Blog Idol Season3 will start this month
◘ will let you know who are the bloggers included in our new batch of idols
◘Will feature another IBOTM Awardee
◘ and more!

Have a great day and happy blogging everyone and advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOM BLOGGERS!


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