Monday, May 17, 2010


This is enough ..... What's wrong with this commenter?
Please read his/her comment,
This is an unfair approach for the contest organizer to remove the poll system in order to protect certain contestant who are on the way loosing.

This round are a poll voting round, although the current poll is corrupted, a new poll should be recreate for this round, and the result of the corrupted poll shall be tally with the new poll chart at the end of the current round.

If this contents is about protecting certain contestant only, it is best if you just end the contest and just announce your desired contestant to win, without wasting any of our time to vote and posting comment vote.

Contestant had worked so hard to promote your blog in order to gain votes fairly, but end up that the contest organizer is fixing the result for his desired contestant to win. I don't see the meaning of continuing for the rest of the contestant to work hard for promoting this contest and this blog for gaining any votes anymore.

Please be fair. When you announce that there is poll systems for particular round, you should not change the decision at the last minutes when you see your desired contestant is loosing.

How Dare you to call me Unfair and who among us is protecting certain contestant here!!!
First of all, The Poll survey has been remove because of some technical issue. I saved a screen shot So Readers are aware of the previous counts before the Poll survey was corrupted.

First of all, I cannot manipulate the votes here especially if it's a comment based. How can i save a contestant by removing the poll survey??? i can't get your point...

Okay, here's one more thing... at first i really don't want to disclose it here but since you're pissing me off with this non sense and suspicious comment of yours, let me share this to you.
I can say that this season is probably the most successful yet the most controversial one.
It is very surprising to see a total of HUNDREDs of Voters voting in my Poll....
If we went back to the last season,

This is one of the Poll Survey i had in the first round of the Blog Idol 2.

Now, here's what i got in the first round of the 3rd season

What a big difference right?
From 34 - 444 (whoaaaaa)

Now, how come no Links are reflecting in my visitors tracker widgets or what ever they call it? How come the Comment Score Board do not reflects the Poll Survey counts?
Is it because voters Prefer the Poll Survey than The Comment System? I don't think so, First, Comment system will give them a chance to win the T-shirt . Second, Comment from a voter is equivalent to 2 Entries for their favorite Idol.

A blogger friend and i, talked about this unproportional result and told me that i better stop the poll survey. He told me that the Poll survey can be manipulated. If you clear the cookies in your PC, it will allow you to vote again and again!
Now , Angry Voter, who among us is getting unfair here?
Are you angry because you cannot do your stuff now?

Now, this makes me decided to stop the Poll Survey forever and will focus more on the Comment System!
My fellow blogger, especially Blog Idol participants, sorry for acting like this, i know this is my first time to express my anger here in my blog but i just wanna end this issue here!

I will not stop the Blog Idol! I will not get affected by this silly blogger. Do you think it's just right for me to stop the Poll Survey???

Calling all my techie friends, is there such a software where i can detect the IP Address or locate this blogger's location?

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