Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Please READ!

Please Read the following:

For the Bog Idol T shirt contest.

Commenters/voters are given 3 Consumable votes per Round. It is up to them if they will use it for three different blogger or one blogger only. As long as they consumed their three votes. They can comment as many time as they want but only three comments will be counted. Only Valid comments(comments that contains their votes) will be counted as an entry.
You will see the scoreboard in my side bar that will help you to track your score. If you are tagged with "(max)", It means that you already consumed your 3 votes.
The only post where you can submit your votes is the provided voting link only. I also have the link in my side bar!

The points will be tallied and will be posted and recorded in the blog idol official page HERE
All points (Blog Idol participants and Commenters points) will be reset in every end of each round.
In the finale, I will total all the commenters points and list them by order.
I will use Random.org, to help me choose the lucky winners.
Take note: This is only for the Commenters!!!!

The points earned by each Idol Participants in each round will be tallied and will be added in their point from poll survey results.

Number of votes via comments + Total Number of votes via Poll Survey = Total Idol points for the that week.

Poll Surveys will allow you to vote multiple times! But as far as i know, these poll surveys will track your IP Address. I guess it doesn't allow bloggers to vote again once their done!

I hope everything is clear now... If you have any question.. raise your right foot.. haha just kidding.. please don't hesitate to ask!

Fiel Kun

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