Sunday, July 11, 2010


We had another tough week. We've been listening to their music for almost two months and now the 12 Idols are narrowed down to two remaining Idols.
Here's the result of our last round


Faisal Admar made it again to the top spot with a total of 34 votes. Faisal is a blogger from Malaysia and the owner of "Bite Me"blog.


Bananaz made it to the Second spot for this round with a total of 33 Votes. Bananaz is also a blogger from Malaysia and the author of "BananazPeople" blog

Faisal Admar and Bananaz
Will be competing for the Finale this Monday!

Mariuca has been one of the strongest contender on this competition and the last woman standing. Mariuca also became a top spotter for several rounds.
Thank you so much
Mariuca for being so sport and very supportive for this competition.
Lets give her a round of applause for making it this far!

BY the way sorry if i am so inactive lately, i am really busy with my school especially now that i am a graduating student. But i will be back and willhop to your blogs again very very soon...

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