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It's "Interesting Blog Of the Month" time again! Today, i am very excited because another blogger will share her very inspiring stories and information about her very friendly blog.

Interacting with bloggers is so fun and very enjoying. This inspires me to have this Interview formatted portion in my blog. To all my fellow bloggers, let me introduce you our

What is"Your Caring Angels" all about?

Your Caring Angels is all about Angels. Every Sunday I have a new
messages from the Angels. I have many inspirational stories about Angels
from people of all walks of life. There are many pages of affirmations to
help you through your life. It is a very inspirational site full of joy
and love for all.

When and how you started blogging?

I started blogging in November of 2007. My little brother Wolfbernz
talked me into starting my own blog and that is how I started.

You've been sharing a lot of inspiring stories about angels in your
blog, what is your most favorite of them all and why?

Grandma's Hands is my favorite story because when one looks at their hands
they do tell a story about the life they have had. I love the part at the
end where she talks about when she goes to heaven and how she is going to
touch Gods face with her hands.

I know that you have experiences with angels but it is so sad that a
lot of people nowadays are not paying attention about this and that fact
that there are real angels guiding us everyday. What can you advise about

All I can do is to tell them that when they are born they are given two
Angels to help them throughout their lives. They are a gift from God
because he loves us so much. It is easy to talk to your Angels all you
have to do is call on them, then be quiet and listen. They are here to
help us and love us. If you need more Angels for love and support just
ask. There are more Angels than stars in the sky. They are waiting to
hear from you.

You are one of the friendliest blogger i have ever met and i just wanna
ask, how do you motivate yourself and balance your time?

I love people and enjoy learning about their life and where they came
from. Finding out about their country and how they live is so interesting
to me. I enjoy life so much, it is a just a wonderful adventure, so it is
easy to motivate myself and keep blogging. Balancing my time well, I am
not always that good at it sometimes I get carried away with my site and
spend a whole day on it and other times I get busy with something else. I
guess the thing that helps me keep things in balance is my family. The do
demand some time from me on a regular basis.

Thanks for your time Angelbaby, can you share us some precious tips you can share to newbies and fellow bloggers on blogging?

The best tip I think I can give the newbie’s is don’t give up. When
someone leaves a comment on your site go to their site and leave a
comment. Make sure the comment is relevant to the post, this will help
you develop new friends and increase your traffic. Go surfing on the web
for new sites and leave a comment so they know you stopped by. This will
also increase your traffic and comments on your site.

What Are the Things we have to expect from "Your Caring Angels" these
coming months?

I am going to be doing pretty much the same things because I enjoy it so
much. I really don’t have a lot of control over my site, the Angels are
the boss. If they like what I do it is easy to put it together but if
they don’t like it forget it, they make sure it does not go on the site.
So needless to say it will be pretty much the same with lots of stories
about Angels, great affirmations and wonderful messages from the Angels,
just lots of inspirational information for everyone to enjoy.
Love and Blessings,

Thank you so much Angelbaby for allowing me to feature your blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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