Thursday, July 15, 2010

Series OF Unfortunate Events

Oh why oh why! I don't know if i should be thankful to this Typhoon Basyang or not. Thankful because this typhoon is the reason why classes are suspended and why quizzes are postponed too. I thought it would be a perfect time to start my blog hopping routine again but unfortunately this Typhoon Basyang is too strong causing the lost of power supply for almost a day! That's just great!
The power has been restored yesterday morning. My time is very limited today especially now that my mom is restricting us not to overuse the PC. We have desktop in the living room and that is the one PC in our house so i can't manage to escape from my mom. I am saving my income from my blog so that i can buy my own notebook or laptop.. Errr so that no one can stop me from blogging.
The Internet Connection was down for 3 days.
I think i should make a movie entitled "The Series of Unforntunate Events"
Yesterday, while i am sending "Thank You" message to all Facebook voters for blog idol, Facebook banned me from sending message because according to them i am misusing the system for sending messages to so many people.
I am really upset because i failed to visit your blogs lately. I'm so sorry guys.
I promise to visit your blogs soon.
I also failed to update my other blogs especially Song To remember and Our Little Corners who supposed to be celebrating their blogoversaries.
The only good thing from being away from blogging is that i was able to watch a lot of movies including Toy Story 3 and Shrek 4.

We only have 3 days left before we reveal our Blog IDol winner. By the way, if your name is not included in my voters list, it means you submitted a wrong link or you vote using different account (in this case only one vote will be counted *for example- You vote using your Blogger account then you also vote using your FB or Twitter, only one of them will be counted). Votes from anonymous will not be counted , as well as voters who didn't provide link.

Happy blogging Everyone and i will be back so soon.

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