Friday, July 2, 2010

Versatile Blogger

Got this tag from Caroline
  1. One of my greatest fears are the "flying cockroaches!!!!"
  2. I've been working since i am 16 while studying. I've been in different fields like a Counter Cashier, Call Center Agent, Office Staff, Tutor and more!!!
  3. I never go outside wearing a t-shirt.... I don't know why but i prefer going out wearing either polo or anything with collar or hoods.
  4. I always wear eyeglasses but not because i have a poor eyesight. I just feel comfortable wearing them.
  5. I am a cowboy! i can eat anything and not so choosy when it comes to foods... but i never drink Tea....(except if it is iced tea)
  6. I got a tendon injury way back 2006 where i nearly cut my index finger... I accidentally drop a soft drink bottle and tried to catch it but i failed and the glasses broke into pieces. I got tendon injury making my index finger paralyzed for almost half a year! Thanks God i can move it freely now!
  7. I am a certified Nightowl! I got to bed in the morning between 2 am - 3am... then woke up around 6am or 6:30...errr nt enough sleep..
Today's featured song in my Song To Remember, One of my most favorite song from Barry Manilow. David Cassidy also has a version of his song

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