Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Celebration

Hi guys... i hope you all had the merriest Christmas Eve yesterday... Okay today i will have a random post about the things that we did before and during the Christmas day.
Of course we're all set for this very special occasion...
We started decorating as early as November...

We made our own decors too!

Our Christmas tree

haha i know it's too ambitious but i bought this Snow spray too!

Shopping rush ,2 days before Christmas

Shop toys for Milzon and for my nieces and nephews too

Too bad Milzon failed to visit Santa for the Santa Meet and Greet Event...

went to a fair to shop for bargains LOL
Wrapping the Gifts!

Helped my mom in preparing Tamales, one of her specialties
We sell them a day before Christmas!

My favorite Dessert! Tiramisu!! We did 5 small trays.. One tray per person haha

Got my new hair style...

PS: just kidding... i'm just wearing a wig... we just made fun of this wig that we saw at the fair...
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