Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's Moolah??

Are you familiar with the term “moolah?” The first time I have heard about this term was when I was working as call center agent under an Australian account. Well, we know Auzies right? They got these unique accent and they have lots of slang terms including “moolah”. Moolah is a slang term for money! Since I was on the billing department (and later on transferred to the technical department), I used to hear this term almost everyday! I thought being in the billing department was the hardest part of being in a call center industry but my condition got worst when I was being transferred to the technical department. Could you imagine handling calls every night, facing irate customers, walking them through some series of troubleshooting steps, hearing a lot of slangs and jargon? Well, those are my past experiences and I’m done dealing with irate customers!
Anyway, I encountered this “Moolah” term again yesterday. I was surfing for a new game to download to my PC. By the way, I am proud to say that I was able to finish the “Plants Vz Zombies” game and was able to beat my sister… Cheers!!!! (clop clop clop). I didn’t know that moolah term is now being used in most microgaming casinos. Just like this cool mega moolah game!
No, it’s not a puzzle! Mega moolah is actually a slot game and it’s just so happened that instead of the fruits and star symbols, this “five reel” slot make use of a jungle theme, making it more interesting to play. Slot machines are considered as game of chances, which means, everything here is just a matter of luck! However, you can still maximize your chances of winning by following effective strategy and useful jackpot guide!
That’s all for now guys, gonna try this game first and try to earn plenty of moolahs!

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