Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Gift From Fida

I would like to grab this opportunity to thank my friend Fida for sending me these wonderful gifts. I know i should have posted this much earlier since i was able to received the items weeks ago. The Picture on the left is a Christmas card which enclosed by this wonderful Calendar Magnet from Fida. Fida is such a sweet friend and i really really want to thank you for continuously supporting my blog despite of my absences. I will really treasure these gifts from the bottom of my heart. I enjoyed reading your Book and gave me a lot of inspiration to pursue my dreams. Thank you once again for sharing us your journey towards success through your books.
PS: Aside from the Calender Magnet, I also got a wallet Calender from her! Thanks a lot Fida! You can visit her Enthusiasm Facebook Fan Page here. Have a great Monday Guys.... Will post my MM entry later. See yah!


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