Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guess the Projects

This is just a fun game. Simply guess the 2 remaining art projects that we will be featuring for this month at "Our Little Corners". If you are an Entrecard Holder, you'll get 1500 EC Credits if you are the first one to guess the 2 projects correctly.

We're done with the first four art crafts.

Craft Organizer
Toy Giraffe

Now we have two remaining crafts to be featured this month.
The first one requires a toothpaste empty box, 3 mini rectangular boxes , 3 match boxes, toilet paper roll, and poster paints. Well, the space ship toy is your clue. Could it be a space station? Hint hint hint?
The last one requires 2 boxes One should be bigger than the other, 4 styro cups, 2 ice cream cups, copper wire, 4 tanzans, 2 bottle cups (cup from a mineral bottled water will do), 2 mini bottle cups (cups from bottled medicine), a transparent rectangular container, and popsicle sticks.....

Want more clue? here's the anagram
1. Oyt Pachesips
2. Yot Broto
Okay that's very easy... Ready set go!!!!!

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