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Alter Space

April 22 will be the 41st World Earth Day Anniversary and we are planning to take our part on the said event. Unfortunately, this kind of event is often ignored by others without realizing how serious this environmental issue is. We were already threatened by the the incident happened in Japan and we should be expecting more scenarios that are worst than that if we continuously ignore this issue. I think it is about time! It's time for us to move, to take some actions and to pay more attention on how to save our environment. Joining an advocacy campaign that promotes ecological consciousness and environment sensitivity would be a great start but remember that these campaigns are intended only to give us awareness. Saving the environment is more than just being a part of an advocacy campaign or participating in a Run-for-a-cause events. Take note that saving the environment is a continuous process and if you really want to change our world for good, then start doing it all by yourself in your own simple yet very special way.
We are already familiar about that "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" processes as they were being taught to us by our beloved teachers since grade school. Our teachers have done their part, now it's time for us to implement those lessons that we have learned from them. My siblings and I has been practicing this RRR thing already and we are up for a new challenge now. Yup! We are up for a challenge to save our environment in our own simple way.
Reduce is usually about
lessening the amount of items or resources that we consumed and by using only the amount that is needed. Electric Consumption is probably the best example of this. There are so many alternatives developed to lessen our energy consumption. We can use those energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs instead of the typical ones. We can turn off the lights when not in use or if you do not need light at all. Same thing goes with the water supply. many of us are too lazy to do these simple energy-conservation tasks and most of us do not realize the benefits that we can get from them in return. Remember that aside from helping the environment, you also get the chance to minimize your electric bills at the same time.
Mom is fond of reusing items in our house. If you visit our kitchen, you'll see those plastic drinking bottles that she used again to place her condiments. Reusing items will help you not just to save the environment but also to save time, money, energy and resources.
Among the three, recycle is my favorite concept of all. We used to recycle things especially when we're doing art projects. You all know that my siblings and I established a blog to showcase our crafts 2 years ago and until now it is still up and running. Here, let me proudly present you some of our recycled crafts. You can also teach your kids how to make one. This is a perfect time to bond with your kids too.

A Toy Race Car Made from used Styrofoam cups, empty box and drinking straw.

A Craft Organizer from an empty Package box.

Improvised Maracas from empty drinking bottles and pebbles.

Used mini boxes to a Toy Spaceship

A Toy Robot from all sort of junks.

With these simple ways of reusing, reducing and recycling materials, we can help to save our environment. I just hope everybody is aware about these because how if another disaster strikes again?
I know Milzon is too young to learn everything about this but you know what? Ever since he saw that Tsunami and Earthquake incidents in Japan on TV and even the Oil Spill happened in Mexico a year ago, he used to link those incidents on the "2012" film. Since then, he keep on asking me "Kuya, what will happen after 2012?", "What are we gonna do?, "Where are we going to hide?", "Where are we going to stay (in case we survived)?" and so on and so forth.
I know it's not right for him to be so pessimistic like that. Good thing these books come in handy.

I often read this book for him and he never get tired of listening to it which is a good thing!

These books provide awareness, ideas, trivia and tips on what to do if ever a disaster like Fire, Flood, Hurricane and Tornado strikes. Teaching your kids about these would be a great help so that they are aware about what's right from wrong. However this will be a big challenge for most parents since Kids nowadays used to spend most of their time playing their favorite video games on their PC. But did you know that we can now let them play on their PC while teaching them how to save the environment at the same time? Yup! I was able to discover a new Facebook Game few days ago. I was really hooked to it so if you are wondering why all my crops are withered already in Farmville and why my city on Cityville left unmaintained, it is because i am busy on saving my Planet in which i named Terra Verde from those harmful elements that can cause global warming. I am talking about "Alter Space" here. I know i am talking about Milzon awhile ago but this game is open for everyone even for kids at heart like me. Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook which makes me really really proud and it is indeed very educational as it raise awareness on how to save our environment by conserving energy and by lowering the what so-called carbon emission.
Here is my detailed Review about the game. Just Click on Next to view the other images. (Thanks to SK for sharing this HTML scripting)
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Alter Space

Help me and my brother in completing our Final Task to save our Planet. Visit Alter Space and start making your account now. It's all for Free guys. I need 3 more neighbors to complete the APS for my beloved Planet. Hope to see you there guys!

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