Saturday, April 30, 2011

Movie Marathone Mode

Do you watch movies online? Well Milzon and I are always on a movie marathon mode as in we watch movie online at least every other day or almost everyday. We are grabbing this opportunity while the Summer vacation is on. Despite of my busy schedule, i always make sure that i lend some of my time to my little brother. We used to watch movies together or make some art crafts for our blog. It's like a daily routine already and we are really having fun with it. I am really that close to my little brother and honestly, i can't imagine a day without him by my side. Well I am probably the luckiest brother around and it is such a blessing to have a loving and caring brother like him in our family. He will turn Grade 2 this coming school year and i just can't imagine how time ran out so fast. Yikes! That means i am not getting any younger already and i will not be surprised when one day i woke and his already in high school. Sobs.
Anyway, enough with the drama and let's go back to the movie. After watching series of Macaulay Culkin movies last week including Home Alone, The Page Master and My Girl, we decided to watch an animated film entitled "Animals United". I never heard of this animated film actually, we just saw it online. We checked the trailer on Youtube and we find it very interesting so we decided to watch the movie. The graphics are so great and very very detailed too. Well, the movie revolves around the story about different animals who were victims of human earthly activities. The story centered around environmental issues made by man. Obviously, the humans here are the villains which is so true. We really enjoyed watching this film and you guys should try it too.
I downloaded the film last night and save a copy of it on a CD so that we can watch it again. I used to download films online through some file sharing websites. It is really hard to find a real copy of movie in DVD especially those old and classic films that's why whenever i watch movies online, I'll go to a website that allows you to Download Free Movies and save myself a copy of each films and add them on my movie collection. Internet is such a powerful tool and you can now download videos for free in no time. This is exactly what i did with some of my favorite classic movies including "The Sound of Music", "The King and I" and "Wizard of Oz". We all know how classic they are and we rarely find a store that has a copy of these films and we all know how expensive they are now.
Well, right now Milzon is requesting for a Disney movie. Any suggestions?

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