Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Mom and dad had their free medical check up 2 weeks ago and the results of their medical test are kinda surprising to us. Dad has a serious issue regarding with his lungs and liver which is all because of his unhealthy lifestyle. He is such a smoker and he drinks a lot too but that was years ago before he suffered from a mild stroke last 2002. He was able to lessen his habit of drinking too much alcohol but he just can't take smoking out of his life. I think he can consume 4 to 6 packs of cigarette daily which is really not good for him. We tried everything to stop him or at least convince him to lessen his cigarette consumption but non of them worked effectively to him.
The result of my mom's medical test is what surprised me the most. She was diagnosed that her heart is mildly enlarged and her condition has to be monitored from time to time. Even though it is just mildly enlarged , she still has to be very careful on what she eats and should not stress herself that much. I think she should start joining in some outdoor activities and have a healthy lifestyle.
We can all avoid any heart related problems like these in the future by adopting a healthy lifestyle today. Listed below are some healthy heart disease prevention tips that all of us should do to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

This one plays a vital role in preventing fatal heart diseases and other related conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even diabetes. I think this one is a "Must do" activity whether you want to reduce the risk of heart attack or you simply want to reduce weight or get you back into shape. Even a 30 minutes exercise every morning can be very beneficial to you. You can also attend Gym sessions and try some of their cardi-exercising gym equipments. Or you can join or involved yourself in some outdoor activities and sports.

I'm sure you do not want to have that belly flabs bouncing up and down every time you move right? It is important that you calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to check if your weight is appropriate to your height. Also check your waist measurement. For men, if you exceed 40 inches (women - 35 inches), you are already considered as overweight. Overweight people are prone to heart related diseases. Again, regular exercise should be done to lessen the risk of heart failures.

Just like what the experts say, Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health! Even the cigarette manufacturers are aware of this danger that's why they put warning signs on each cigarette packets. Cigarette has a addictive substance which can bring nothing but danger. The nicotine found in cigarette smoke makes your heart work harder by narrowing your blood vessels and increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. They said that once you quit smoking, the risk of heart disease drops dramatically. I just wish my dad is aware about this.

Foods are like magnet that attracts us. They are deceiving and used to tempt our innocent tummies. Too bad, most of those great tasting foods are the one falls into unhealthy diet. Remember that We are what we eat! So choose your foods wisely or else you'll regret it in the end. Avoid eating fatty foods too much to keep your heart healthy. Satisfy your cravings by looking for some other healthy food alternatives.

They know what is good for you. Keep your medical records on tract. It is very advisable to take regular health screenings. They may recommend you some supplements too like nitric oxide that is known for being the best type of supplement that can lower High Blood Pressure, Stroke, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack, and oh even the Sex Drive Loss. Thanks to dr ignarro for his meritorious achievement for discovering the wonderful benefits of Nitric oxide to the public which won a Nobel Prize award in 1998 which also inspired other pharmaceutical companies too. Well known L-arganine is said to be based on Dr Ignarro's work but comes into cheaper and much affordable price.

Well, having a healthy lifestyle could be that easy and it's all up to us if we want to practice the said tips above or not.

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