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What Is Your Blog All About?
As mentioned in the title, it's all about my every day adventures, including (but not limited to) events I attend, movies I've watched, foods I prepare or eat, places I visit, memories I recall, observations, thoughts, etc.
When And How did you start Blogging?

I published my first blog post in January 2006, but I made just one post and totally forgot about it. Then in 1999, I was jobless and had nothing to do, so I blogged, at first, just to document my wedding planning.
Blogs I Like (Characteristics)

Blogs with clean humor (that gets me hooked and laughing), blogs with interesting trivia, blogs with a personal tone, blogs with colors and font style/size which make it easy to read, blogs with photos every now and then, etc.
Blogs I Dislike (Characteristics)
Blogs with offensive words/photos or dirty humor, blogs with loud music, blogs with way too much ads (more ads than posts), blogs filled with too much complaints about everything, blogs with too much pop-ups or animation, etc.
What Motivates you to Blog?

At first, because I was jobless, I blogged because I wanted to earn a little something even though I was unemployed. Then, I blogged because I wanted to share what I'm doing for my wedding. Now, the additional motivations are the satisfaction, the inspiring support of readers who patronize my blog, and the opportunities to meet people and make new friends via my blog.
Who Are your Target Readers?

I don't really think about this, or about blogging for the purpose of attracting a specific group of people. I almost always think that I have to make my posts interesting so anybody who'd come across it would enjoy what they read. So maybe I can say my target is everyone, except spammers, stalkers, and all sorts of evil people. (lol!)
What is Your Most Favorite post and Why?

I don't have a particular favorite, but I like the funny posts I've made, and some creative DIY tutorial posts. I also like the posts that receive lots of positive, related comments, because it means that I have made my readers happy and well entertained.

Things We Should Expect from your Blog these succeeding months

I started 2011 with the resolution to make at least 20 posts on my blog each month. However, since March, I raised the bar and posted every day. I do hope I can maintain that (posting every day) and that I can keep on posting enjoyable articles.
Tips For Our Readers About Blogging

Be real, be yourself (even if that means posting a crazy photo of yourself, like I sometimes do). If you have a camera, always take it with you, because you'll never know when you'd encounter something worth blogging about. Show gratitude to those who patronize your blog by following their blogs too. And above all, have fun as you blog! :-)

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