Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog Idol Batch 2011 Revealed!!!
Tadah! Finally, we already have our official Blog Idol Batch 2011
It seems that we have a lot of Filipino participants this year ( last year we have a lot Malaysians).
Now, let's meet our

Blogger name , blog url and location in order
  1. Tom Sower of What's Up (Philippines)
  2. EngrMoks of Mokong™ (Philippines)
  3. April Tarongoy of Unleashed Randomness (Philippines)
  4. Gagay Dinampo of The Latest Buzz (Philippines)
  5. Little Sprouts' Mommy of My Little Sprouts (Malaysia)
  6. Mai Yang of Most Awesome Blog Title Ever (Philippines)
  7. Xan Gerna of When My Vain Brain Stirs (Philippines)
  8. Jean Soo of Yummy~licious (Malaysia)
  9. Mark of Air Force Blogger, I am! (Philippines)
  10. Mona Abayle of Working At Home (Philippines)
  11. Xander of A Boy Named Xander (Philippines)
  12. Genny of Sweet Appreciation of Life (Philippines)
Yay! Now the game will start on the first Monday of September woohoo

Caroline May Ling

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