Sunday, August 14, 2011

For All The Girls I Love

My music Monday entries for this week will be dedicated to all the girls I love hahaha.
Well, I'm just a big fan of them and I am really impressed with their style and their vocals are simply powerful and unique and that's what exactly i'm looking for in a singer.I don't know if you find my taste in music quite weird since these females belong to different music era and from different genres as well. Actually, most of my friends can't relate with me because I'm quite an old fashion guy when it comes to music but who cares? haha This is what I Like so why should i change just to follow the trend right? haha
Anyway, lemme list down my favorite Female singers (listed in any order)
Well, she's hot, she's amazing and her vocal is simply incomparable. She's unique especially her unusual phrasing of words. I'm gonna die if i see this lovely woman in person. haha
I love all her songs and she's the reason why , somehow, i love to listen to Rock music (only those sensible ones). Well, next to her would be Avril Lavigne.
My most favorite song from her would be "Uninvited"

Switching to a different genre and era. I am such a big fan of Country Music and Dolly Parton is the reason behind it although most Filipinos are not aware about Country songs. I first heard her in her "Islands in the Stream" duet with Kenny Rogers but I started to like her in her "Coats of Many Colors" song. I know she looks weird right now because of plastic surgery but her style never changed. She's down to earth, she's funny and she's very likable and i love her personality as a singer. Next to her would be Martina McBride and Shania Twain Anyway, my personal favorite from her songs would be her
"Better Get to Livin"

I also love Bette Midler's personality. She's funny and she got a very nice voice. I love all her Ballad songs. I first heard her through her "Wind Beneath My Wings" but my personal pick from her would be the"From A Distance". I never get tired of this song, it's very meaningful and uplifting.

The sweetest, and the most beautiful vocal i have ever heard would be from the late Karen Carpenter. She's the first ever singer that i was able to recognize by name hehehe. My mom and dad used to play their songs so i was really hooked to their hits. "Close To you" is a nice son but my personal favorite would be "Rainy Days on Mondays"

My newest discovery LOL. Adele is such a wonderful singer with such an amazing vocal. Ever since I heard her "Chasing Pavements' , I became more interested to her and tracked all her songs. Well, most of her songs are kinda dark and heart breaking and you can really feel the message of it just by listening to her songs. My personal favorite would be "Someone Like You"

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