Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Notes # 3

►Prizes were sent - Yay! The plushies are on their way now to our 6 fellow bloggers! SK / Gagay / Mariuca / Caroline May Ling / Foongpc/ Alice Law. Thank you guys for your continuous support to my blog ^_^ (haha that's exactly what i wrote in the small card enclosed in your package LOL)
►A Prize From Alter Space - Remember my post about the first ever Filipino Environmental Awareness game on Faceboo? The Alter Space? Well they had this iPad promo last month, even though i failed to win the grand prize, I was able to receive one of the consolation prizes, the Water Clock!.
This Eco-friendly, water powered Clock is truly amazing. I will show you how it works in a separate post (will buzz you about it, I might post it to my BlueDreamer site or my Our Little Corners Blog)
►Clay Art Theme. After the very successful Cosplay Art last July, here comes a new theme!! This time, we'll be focusing on a specific medium which is CLAY. We already feature some of our Clay Crafts here. Here's our official Our Little Corner banner for our Clay Art theme. Expect to see some PvZ , Smurfs, Angry Birds and more clay art this month up to September.

►Newly Discovered Software- Look at my newest Desktop Wall paper!
Believe it or not, Milzon (my lil bro) is the one behind this art. Well, my Adobe Photoshop just expired last year (haha just downloaded it online but failed to get a working serial in some serial generator sites LOL so i ended up removing my Photoshop in my PC.
Well, a month before its expiration, I discovered a software known as SAI Paint Tool. This software will allow you to sketch using your mouse. It's quite complicated actually but it's really fun to use.
I was really upset because i can no longer use my Photoshop to edit my pictures , i decided to search some alternatives and I found one in the nature of a software called GIMP. The features here is almost the same with Photoshop but unlike Adobe Photoshop, you can get the software for free (don't worry this is not a sponsored post LOL).

The Picture above is 100% done by my little brother woohoo so artistic of him right? hehe
►My New baby!! - Yes, I have a new born baby which is 8 days old now. I am referring to my newest blog.. WHAT!!!???? NEW BLOG???? Surprised!!!! hahaha As of today, I am handling 22 blogs over all.
Show Buzz Ness belongs to a new genre. Unlike my TV Marathon, this blog will focus more on movies and other celebrity gossips local and abroad (Hollywood in particular). I hope you can visit me here to and FOLLOW me if you have time.

►Post about Korean's Influences and their Successful Electronics Industry. I would like to grab this opportunity as well to invite you to visit my entry about Korea and their successful Electronics and Automotive Industry (Samsung , LG, Hyundai). You can leave your comment here.

►As for the Blog Idol, We will start this coming September 5. You can Check our Countdown widget in my sidebar. We have 10 days left and the Blog Idol will officially start.

►that's all for now, have a great day guys and happy blogging!


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