Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Idol Season 4 Officially Starts Today!!!

Tadah! Finally after the long wait, Blog Idol Season 4 officially starts today! Well, the actual game will begin next month but the invitation to bloggers who wish to participate in our game is now open.
We had a very successful game Last year and this year is blast since we got bigger prizes for this season including the web hosting package provided by our sponsor. Before anything else, I want to clarify that this is NOT A SINGING COMPETITION! Here's how Blog Idol works.

◘ First, You just need to sign up HERE and provide some info including your name and your blog url. Only the first 12 bloggers who signed up will be included in the game.
◘ After completing the 12 participants, each of you will receive a private link that will bring you to your official blog idol page.
What's with the blog idol Page? The blog idol page contains the list of song categories that will be used for the competition.
What's next? You ONLY HAVE TO SUBMIT A TOTAL OF 9 SONG TITLES based on the provided category.
◘ Again, You Only have to submit 9 song titles to me and That's It! You're already done with your part and i will take care of the rest.
◘I repeat, This is not a singing competition.

◘ Here's an illustration of the game mechanics to help you.
Everything will be based on the number of votes! The blogger who will get the highest votes will win.
◘ It is a weekly competition that will run approximately for 2 months. The Blogger who will gets the least number of votes in a specific week will be eliminated. (check the figure above)
How to earn votes? You will earn votes through our so called "Comment System". Voters have to vote or pick their TOP THREE SONG CHOICES each week. So if they vote for your song, then that's one count for you.
◘ It is optional to encourage bloggers to vote for your song. If you want to promote your entry by posting it in your blog or through other social networking site (facebook, twitter or Google +), it all depends on you.
► Bloggers. Bloggers of any blog platforms (blogspot, wordpress, own domain..etc). Votes from Anonymous commenters or commenters who do not submit blog url will not be counted.
► Facebook and Twitter Users. You can invite voters outside the blogosphere as long as they have valid Facebook or Twitter accounts. FB and Twitter users should submit their Profile url to make their votes valid. Much better if they add me first as a friend so that i can send them a private message confirming that their vote has been counted.

◘ There will be a scoreboard to help you track your current standing.

◘ How many times a voter can vote? A voter can vote once a week.

Blog Idol Winner = 40 usd + One year Webhosting
Top 2 = 15 usd
Top 3 : 10 usd

Of course, just like what happened last year, There will be consolation prize to all participants. I will reveal other prizes soon.

◘ You Should have a PAYPAL account
◘ You should be willing to place the sponsor's badge in your blog until the competition ends.

Yay! so That's It, So i hope i made it clear! hehe. I hope you join the game. It's fun! Hope to see you in the blog idol page! Sign up here


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