Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Idol Round 6 : 90's Medley

Cheers! Blog Idol Round 6 is on and we only have 4 participants left. Before we proceed, I just want to remind you guys that starting this week, You only have to pick TWO SONGS. Any votes containing 3 song entries will not be counted unless they make changes. Facebook voters can comment using my FB Comment plugin. They can use the Intense Debate Comment System but they have to follow the old rules (check it here). Bloggers can cast their votes using the Intense Debate and must provide a working URL. If you're using a BLOGSPOT blogs, then you be signed in in your account. I will only allow individual URL submission if you're using WORDPRESS, self hosted domains, and other blogging platforms other then

And now, for this week Music theme. We will be hitting songs from the 90's. This diverse decade saw the continuation of teen pop of the 1980s and the emergence of grunge music and alternative rock in pop culture replacing glam metal and the continuation of hip hop's rise beginning midway in the '80s. It also featured the rise of contemporary country music as a major genre, which started in the 1980s. And now, for this week's entries.

1. Xan Gerna picked a signature hit from Alanis Morissette and was covered by Crystal Bowersox in an early round of her Idol performances.

2. Mona Abayle submitted a song from Backstreet Boys which became one of their chart topper hits.

3. Genny chose a duet song from the film "Mask of Zorro" performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena.

4. Mai Yang picked a low-tempo love song ballad from the R&B duo, K-Ci & Jojo which is also the most successful song of their career.

Again you only have to pick your TOP 2 SONGS for this round!
You can Cast Your Votes Now!!!
(Voting period will run until Saturday 12 mindnight)
Top 3 will be revealed on Sunday ( October 16)

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