Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's Vote for Fida Abbott

Our friend Fida Abbott is one of the 113 Finalists of The Author Show's "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading". As you may recall, Fida launched her very first novel entitled "Enthusiasm" last year. I am so lucky to won her book from one of her blogging contest before and and I am such a big fan of this amazing writer.
Enthusiasm will take you to a journey of a writer towards success. It is very inspiring to see how Fida had achieved after all the obstacles and challenges in life she had faced. From ups and downs, Fida never surrender or give up her passion in writing. In fact, it makes makes her a lot stronger and determined to reach the triumph. Reading this book makes me realized that if you set your goals and let your passion rise above you and if you take everything by heart , there is nothing impossible for you to achieved. Writing a novel could be more than just a talent, it is a destiny for every writer.(The Enthusiasm Book I got from Fida)
Fida's Novel have gone so far and have won several recognitions internationally. And now, Fida Abbott is one of the finalists of The Author Show's "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading"
The book “50 Outstanding Writers You Should Be Reading” will feature the fifty most
interesting and engaging authors who were interviewed on any of our six shows under the umbrella of THE AUTHORS SHOW in 2011. Participants in this contest have written an essay based on a number of questions submitted to them, and fifty authors will be selected from our pool of finalists through a public voting process.
The 50 authors with the most votes will be included in the 2011 edition of "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading". All winners will receive a digital seal recognizing them as winners. The author with the most amount of votes will be the grand prize winner, and will win a video book trailer.
Now, let us offer our SUPPORT to Fida! Vote Fida Abbott who is on the Top List of 113 Finalist in Alphabetical Order.
You can also Read Fida Abbott's Essay on the page 59-61
Let's show our support and Vote Fida Abbott #61! Cheers!

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