Saturday, October 22, 2011


And Finally after 7 consecutive rounds, here comes the much awaited Finale of our Blog Idol 2011. But before we reveal our Top 2, Let's just have a short Recap. We started the competition officially last September 5, showcasing 12 Blog Idol participants. This year is definitely a blast and hopefully, next year's event will be as exciting as this one.

Before anything else let us meet again our Top 12 Blog Idol Finalists

  1. Tom Sower of What's Up (Philippines)
  2. EngrMoks of Mokong™ (Philippines)
  3. April Tarongoy of Unleashed Randomness (Philippines)
  4. Gagay Dinampo of The Latest Buzz (Philippines)
  5. Little Sprouts' Mommy of My Little Sprouts (Malaysia)
  6. Mai Yang of Most Awesome Blog Title Ever (Philippines)
  7. Xan Gerna of When My Vain Brain Stirs (Philippines)
  8. Jean Soo of Yummy~licious (Malaysia)
  9. Mark of Air Force Blogger, I am! (Philippines)
  10. Mona Abayle of Working At Home (Philippines)
  11. Xander of A Boy Named Xander (Philippines)
  12. Genny of Sweet Appreciation of Life (Philippines)
Thank you guys for participating and for the efforts that you offered for this game. I hope you had fun.
Of course, the contest will not be possible without the help of our sponsors

Special thanks to Ma Belle for the One Year Free Web Hosting prize for our Grand winner.

Also thank you to Travel Norms for the sponsored Cash Prize.

Thank you also for the following:
Bulilit Corner for the Plushies and Smurf Toy Key Chains.
Fotografi Rox Digital Printing, Creation and designs for the Personalized Mugs

And now.... Let us congratulate our TOP 2 FINALISTS

Congratulations to Mai Yang and Mona Abayle !!

Genny will receive $10 Cash Via Paypal and a token!
Tomorrow is the Start of our Finale Week. I hope you guys will keep on supporting the Final two. So, good luck to our Girls!!

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