Saturday, October 1, 2011

Untitled Jersey City Project

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine.

A lot of great big tv shows open up this Fall including the much awaited Glee, the highly anticipated X Factor, a new season for both "Big Bang Theory" and "The Modern Family. Things are getting more exciting isn't? I just love to watch TV and I'm just a big fan of those shows, not to mention the new fall mini series entitled "New Girl" which is undeniably a big hit! However, it is quite disappointing that most tv shows today are quite predictable and the story lines are not so exciting and will give you no thrill at all. I consider myself as critic when it comes to TV shows or Movies. I want a show that meets my expectation as a viewer and I guess most of you feel the same way.

If it's a Sci-fi or a fantasy-related series, then they should focus more on improving their graphics, turning a new world into reality. If it's a horror film, then being gory is not enough for me because I am also paying attention with the plot line. Screaming or running down the dark hallway is not creepy enough and in fact it is useless if the story sucks. So as viewer, what makes a show interesting to me?

Great Cast - I don't care if they will put Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt on the scene as long as they can portray their role very effectively. Actors should deliver their roles productively.

Interesting Plot Line- The story is the heart and the brain of any Tv Series whether what kind of genre they belong to. I want something that will thrill me and will challenge me as a viewer. Have you heard or seen the trailer of the "Untitled Jersey City Project"? (1 page)

It is a unique experiment in the development of an entertainment concept: it’s a work-in-progress television drama that everyone should look forward to. You can check the short form episodes on YouTube. There are eight Short Form episodes of the "Untitled Jersey City Project" and they are all fragments from a larger story, with many of the story threads left unresolved. Well here's a brief info about the series,

"The story is set amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan. A shining new city is being built on the edge of this gritty town. But while the glass office towers and condos are sleek and new, the rules of the game haven’t changed one bit.

Everyone here has something to gain – money, fame, power. Or they can lose big. Or they could end up dead."

Here, I will let you check the Episode 1 : Untitled Jersey City Project Video

The 2 minutes clip offered so much intense Scenes. The story introduces Frank George and his partner Ray Rhane who both work hard to get their small, progressive architecture office in New York City to the next level. Then they land the commission of a lifetime: to design a new stadium complex across the Hudson in rough and tumble Jersey City. They might be just across the river from Wall Street, but Frank and Ray are a long way from home. And then one morning, Frank gets a cryptic message from Ray, before Ray's fatal plunge from the 39th floor of the construction site.


(Ray falling from the 39th Floor)

Now here comes the challenge for both Frank and for US as a viewer. Frank needs to figure out the root cause of this incident. If you would listen to the video carefully , you will hear two shots of a gun but it is not yet confirmed whether from whom the gun belongs to and whether it is the reason behind Ray's death.


Frank needs to solve this mystery and he has to face series of challenges. His life is at risk here and he needs to stay alive in order to find out the real person behind this unsolved case.

Sounds Exciting right? I'm done watching 3 out of 8 episodes in Youtube and things are getting better and better. Now, I am excited for this new FX program. I guess it is really something big knowing that it was teased during the telecast of Primetime Emmy Awards. My friend told me that he saw the trailer at the cinema too. Interesting!

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